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SBK, Petrucci: “I feel better with the Ducati in the MotoGP than in the Superbike”

“After four races in the SBK, I still have the same gap from Bautista. The Michelins help me more than the Pirellis in the MotoGP. ”  

SBK: Petrucci: “I feel better with the Ducati in the MotoGP than in the Superbike”


Smiling, honest and sincere, as always. Danilo Petrucci is a whirlwind of emotions at the end of his first Sprint Race in the MotoGP, where he finished 16th behind Alex Marquez’s Ducati.

The rider from Terni takes stock of Saturday afternoon’s race.

I’m happy with this sprint race,”  he said. “I think I had a good start, even if this bike is difficult to stop because of the aerodynamics, especially when you end up with bikes in front of you. At turn nine, I made a mistake, but I can say that the GP23 has a very high potential. It’s the first time I ride this Ducati here at Le Mans, and I’m getting used to the bike, especially the braking, since it’s different than the SBK.”

Petrux certainly isn’t doing badly.
I was one second from the pole this morning, and I think the level of this MotoGP is significant. Even if I got on the bike just yesterday, I have to say that, at the moment, I have more confidence with the MotoGP than the SBK. Alvaro is doing a great job in the SBK, but the gap I have from him is always the same.

Apparently, the GP23 excites him.
I would’ve liked to have had this bike two years ago, but that’s fine. It would be great to take home at least one point tomorrow. It’s a dream, but we’ll have to carefully assess the tires.

Having mentioned Bautista, he also talked aabout the SBK champion.
In the SBK, I’m struggling with the rear, while Alvaro stops the bike with lots of angle in the last part. I think he has a lot of support and, with his ease in riding, he can make a difference. That’s my opinion, as well as the fact that I feel better with the Michelins than the Pirellis.

The spotlight is now on Sunday.
Like I said. I’d like to get at least one point, even if someone will have to help me,” he said smiling.   


Translated by Leila Myftija

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