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MotoGP, Binder: "Marini is talking bullshit, I never even touched him"

"He didn’t even go over the curb, there was no contact". The South African rider is now behind Bagnaia in the championship: "It’s a dream to be a contender for the title and can become a reality, but it’0s too early"

MotoGP: Binder: "Marini is talking bullshit, I never even touched him"


Brad Binder came good once again in the short race, taking second place on the podium at Le Mans. His third in the Sprint races so far, and precious points that push him even higher in the standings: the South African is now second behind Bagnaia. A reconfirmation therefore for KTM which is gradually proving to be Ducati's only real rival this season.

Today you moved up the field and battled with Marc and Pecco, finishing in second place, putting on quite a show with some on-the-limit passes.

"I got a great start again and managed to get past a lot of guys earlier on – said Brad – When I saw the opportunity I just really wanted to do my own race. Marc and Pecco were fighting with each other through three and four and saw them going so tight into four, so I saw my opportunity to do a little cutback and it worked perfectly. I managed to pass them both and it gave me the chance to really focus on Jorge and try and put my head. I tried to catch him obviously, but that didn’t work.

What did you learn from this race? Some of your rivals like Jack Miller and Fabio crashed when mounting the hard front.

"I think we all had difficulties with the front today, especially in braking because the wheel tended to close. This was the biggest problem I had today, and to make up for it I had to wear out the rear tyre to brake. The team had two options for this race and today we probably used the wrong one, so for tomorrow the choice is clear".

Before Jerez you were ninth in the championship, now you're second in the standings behind Bagnaia. Can we expect another double podium here at Le Mans?

"I've never started a race without wanting to win it - joked the South African - my feelings on the bike are really good, it’s working well, everything is going in the right direction. We're competitive, now we just have to fight to stay on top ".

How does being second in the championship make you feel?

"I’ve been second in the championship after Qatar last year but it just didn’t last very long. The year is long. With this new format - like you said I was ninth and then second. We need to enjoy the moment, enjoy the podiums and keep fighting.”

Do you think you are a possible rival for the title?

"It’s exciting but it’s such a long year and things can change in a heartbeat. It’s a dream and can become a reality. Who knows."

However, the KTM is perhaps proving to be the Ducati's only real rival on the track, at least from what we have seen so far.

"The fact that the bike was competitive on the last three tracks, three circuits that are very different from each other, is certainly a remarkable fact and one that gives us so much confidence. I've never had such positive feelings on this bike, we've never been so competitive. The next circuits will be difficult but I am sure that our package will be able to cope with the tests that await us in the future".

On Thursday there was a meeting with race direction to clarify the rules regarding penalties. What is your position on this?

"Personally, I just think about doing my job as a rider, they have to do theirs."

However, the riders seem divided on the subject of penalties. Luca Marini thinks you sent him off line.

"For me, that’s absolute bullshit. I never touched him. There was no contact so what do you want to penalise me for? He didn’t even go over the curb. What did I do wrong?" concluded Binder.


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