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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "Marquez has evolved the strategy of looking for the tow"

"I don't know why he does it, he can be fast even on his own. In FP2 I was worried and in trouble, then I discovered it was the fault of a tyre that didn't work"

MotoGP: Bagnaia: "Marquez has evolved the strategy of looking for the tow"


After the GP, Rossi ironically maintained that Bagnaia gives his best when he is in trouble. Exactly what happened today at Le Mans MotoGP live results. “I tried to use Valentino's strategy, even if it wasn't in my plans” joked Pecco. He did it, once he gained access for Q2 right at the end, but he was in a cold sweat.

"The situation at Jerez was different, I was struggling to ride, while this morning and in the last exit of the afternoon my feelings were excellent, I was able to push - he underlined - Then only grip was lacking at the rear because the tyre was not working well . FP2 was not a good session".

What happened?

“I thought it was just because I hadn't prepared the rear tyre enough and that it wasn't ready yet, but then in the afternoon I restarted with the same tyre and I couldn't do the things I wanted, I was going long. This morning everything was going very well, but then from the time attack onwards everything was difficult.”

Did you breathe a sigh of relief?

“I was quite worried about what was happening, I was wondering what was happening because everything was strange, now I can say that that tyre wasn't very performing and I lost almost 50 minutes because of that. The last run helped me a lot to be calm, because before I was quite worried.”

You escaped the danger then?

"As soon as we put on a new tyre, everything was perfect. I wasn't able to be as fast as I would have liked because I had lost feeling, but the time attack run is the only one where I felt like great new on my bike in FP2. In the end it was just a tyre that wasn't working as it should have, but I lost almost 50 minutes of the session. That's why we're pretty sure that tomorrow will be better and I'm happy to be in the top 10."

Complicating things there was also Marquez who followed in your tow and you decided to abort the first attempt.

“Today I was risking not getting into the Top 10 and I decided not to push with him behind, also because he was ahead of me in the standings. Recently, Marc has been using this type of strategy in free practice."

Does it bother you?

“Last year he was doing the same thing in Malaysia, but then I crashed and he got into the front row by himself. It's Marc Marquez, we all know Marc Marquez's speed, so it's a strategy I don't share. I'm really different, I want to be alone in qualifying or when I do the time attack. He has his own strategy and he's taking it to another level in my opinion: when you close, he stays there. If you keep your feet on the ground, he does the same thing. It's an even more evolved strategy in sticking than before. If I had been in first position, I wouldn't have done even one lap."


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