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SBK, Bassani: “I have nothing against Rinaldi. I'm a prick, and he doesn’t kid around.”

“I certainly didn’t want a rider who has the same bike to end up falling. I don’t know why, but nothing worked on my Panigale today.”

SBK: Bassani: “I have nothing against Rinaldi. I'm a prick, and he doesn’t kid around.”


Sunday was a bitter day in Barcelona for Axel Bassani. After he faced Saturday with a knife between his teeth, the Motocorsa rider had to console himself with a 10th place in the Sprint Race and an 11th in Race 2.

The Venetian rider’s expectations were quite different, but something didn’t go according to plan.

I don’t know why but, magically, nothing worked anymore today,” he said. “I didn’t feel good on the bike this morning, despite everything being the same as Saturday. So we have to figure out a few things. I tried the SC0 in Race 2, but nothing changed in the end. That’s how it went. We’ll try to assess and analyze.

The tires are one of the issues.

They drop three to four laps after us. Like I said, I took risks, but I lacked the confidence I needed. In the end, I managed to overtake Danilo, and I think that’s the only meager consolation, namely,  being the first among the satellite Ducatis,” he said smiling.

So Barcelona is a weekend to forget and start over again.  
This is the first weekend where we’re really struggling. There are weekends that go well and others that go badly.

The fact that characterized the weekend is obviously the episode involving him and Rinaldi.
What happened yesterday stays there. I certainly didn’t want to knock Michael down, because I know that knocking down a rider who has the same bike is screwed up.”

Michael and Bassani didn’t meet, and Axel preferred to tone it down.
Last year, when I crashed into Baz, I apologized right away, because I admitted my mistake. Meet to clarify? I know he’s pissed off, and he has his own idea. I have nothing against him, because Michael is fast and good. What I can say is that I didn’t do it on purpose. In the end, he has his ideas, and I have mine. What can I say. I’m a prick, and he doesn’t kid around,” he smiled ironically.   


Translated by Leila Myftija

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