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MotoGP, Rins: "I lost a bit of concentration after Bagnaia’s crash, I saw myself on the ground too"

“Pecco had a really strong pace, and it wasn't easy. My wife would lock me out of the house if I shaved my hair off for the win”

MotoGP: Rins: "I lost a bit of concentration after Bagnaia’s crash, I saw myself on the ground too"


After the second places in qualifying and in the sprint race, Alex Rins managed to take the Honda of the LCR team to victory, triumphing in the GP of the Americas for the fourth time in his career. It was a clear statement of intent that put the seal on the Catalan's almost perfect weekend; and was a result that gave Lucio Cecchinello's team its 100th podium in the top class, as well as certifying the unconditional love between the 27-year-old and the Austin track. A track where it's almost impossible to triumph if you don't call yourself Marc Marquez.

"It was great. This winter I made a video with Lucio in his museum, and he said to me: 'Our team has 99 podiums', to which I replied: 'Thanks for the pressure!'. I’m so happy for this victory but also for the weekend. We did a really good weekend since Friday when we went straight into Q2. Qualifying in second position, finishing second in the Sprint and now getting the victory - commented the winner – Honestly, Pecco showed us a really strong pace and I was struggling a little bit on the third and fourth sector and sector 1 and 2 I was pushing a little bit more on the limit in the chicanes to lose the gap with him."

It was a success facilitated by Pecco's second consecutive error in the long race, which opened the door for Rins to the top step of the podium, but not without several moments of anxiety.

"After this crash I saw myself on the ground too and lost a little bit of concentration and for one lap these two guys reduced the gap. But then I tried to not make any mistakes and ride by my own like I know,” said the Honda rider.

Having shaved the head of one of his mechanics on Friday, after guaranteeing himself direct access to Q2, it was Alex's turn to seal the victory by giving a clean cut to his curls. But the Honda rider assured that they will all remain on his head, at least until after his marriage to his girlfriend Alexandra. Another milestone in Rins' life.

“When I woke up this morning I found myself with a message from my future wife in which she told me that she would change the lock on the house if I shaved my head - explained the 28-year-old - we will get married in a few months, it will be a day to remember, so she told me I better not shave my hair, but some of the guys on the team definitely will."


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