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MotoGP, Rivola and Jarvis come down hard on the Marquez case non-decision: change is needed

CEO of Aprilia Racing: "It's enough to write things well, but to do that you need presence and competence". Jarvis adds: "I'm an expert on legal matters, I read today's press release and honestly I didn't understand anything. What if Marquez had been here?"

MotoGP: Rivola and Jarvis come down hard on the Marquez case non-decision: change is needed


Over the weekend in Austin, one of the topics keeping the paddock talking is the failure to decide on the Marc Marquez affair. The famous double long lap penalty that the Spaniard should have served in Argentina, and which now he is not sure he will have to serve in his return GP which is presumed to be Jerez. We talked about it with Massimo Rivola and Lin Jarvis, who agreed to comment on what happened. Davide Tardozzi instead preferred to wait for the final verdict before taking an official position.

These were the words of Rivola, who was among the harshest when the mistake made by the Stewards led by Freddie Spencer emerged.

"Honestly I'm not surprised. After all, they wrote it wrong and now they must figure out how to fix it. It was enough to write everything right, but to do that you need to think twice and be good enough to do it. Honestly, I don't know how to comment, I’m getting a bit fed up with this story. The message for me must be clear: riders who make mistakes must be penalized and the referee who penalizes them must be present, competent and above all severe with this new race format. Otherwise, if we haven’t understood now that we are in the third race and five riders are missing, we risk being in the middle of the season where all the test riders are racing".

Lin Jarvis has analysed the press release in detail, and the Yamaha Racing CEO was also very severe in his judgment of the incident.

"It's a good question, interesting. I'm a sort of specialist in contracts, in legal matters. So, I read the press release so carefully, I wanted to understand well why there was this decision to suspend the decision. For me it is very strange, I don't understand why it doesn't change anything whether Marc is here in Austin or not."

The matter is very simple for Jarvis.

"Is Honda's appeal right or not? It doesn't change if the rider is there or not. I don't understand the reason for having this other extension, it's strange. If he had been here in Austin, they would have been forced to take a decision before the race. So, I don't understand. A lot can improve in MotoGP and I think that even with this type of sanctions and decisions we need to be more professional and also correct from a legal point of view".


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