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MotoGP, Michelin: "Austin always a leap in the dark for riders"

The Texas track has a very abrasive asphalt, and the work on the holes created surface grooves, which stresses the front tires

MotoGP: Michelin: "Austin always a leap in the dark for riders"


The Circuit of the Americas in Austin is one of the most unique circuits in the MotoGP calendar.  It has 20 Turns (11 right-hand and 9 left-hand) and a 1,200-meter straight. A design that puts a strain on the riders but also on the tires. And, as if that weren’t enough, the asphalt is very abrasive, and there are new holes every year, which makes everything more difficult.

For this GP, Michelin has decided on the same options for the front they had chosen for Argentina (soft, medium and hard compounds, all symmetrical), while the riders will be able to choose between the asymmetrical soft and medium (with a harder right side harder) for the rear.

The Circuit of the Americas always represents a bit of a leap in the dark for the riders, since the track changes from year to year,” Piero Taramasso, head of Michelin’s motorsports programs, observed. “The asphalt is aggressive on the tires, even more so due to the repeated efforts to smooth the holes, which have created many small grooves on the surface. This makes COTA one of the most challenging stages on the MotoGP calendar for front tires, and that’s why we’ll be bringing the same range to Texas as we brought to Argentina. On the other hand, the circuit isn’t so demanding for the rear ones, so we chose the soft and medium compounds, both asymmetrical, in order to adapt to the characteristics of the circuit. The fluidity required in corners and the high speeds also generate a lot of heat on the tires, subjecting the riders to a considerable physical effort, which will be even greater this year with the new Sprint Race on Saturday and also Sunday.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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