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MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco Argentina, Pernat: “Awesome Bezzecchi, a champion race”

VIDEO - Our Carlo Pernat comments on theTermas di Rio Hondo GP with a bottle of Prosecco DOC: an entirely Ducati podium, Bagnaia’s error, and a renewed Morbidelli.

MotoGP: Fast by Prosecco Argentina, Pernat: “Awesome Bezzecchi, a champion race”

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The Rio Hondo Termas Grand Prix is where Marco Bezzecchi was able to shine once again, as he dominated Sunday’s race like a veteran on a track that was slippery due to rain. Read our Carletto Pernat’s comment on everything that happened in Argentina.

A Grand Prix branded Bezzecchi-Ducati. Frankly, Marco showed that he could get where he wanted, certainly with a bike that allowed him to do so. He raced like an experienced champion. He started very strong on the wet asphalt, cleverly, because you have no problems with visibility if you’re in the lead, while the others suffer. Awesome, Marco. I expect to see him again in the United States.

Too bad for Pecco. He’s somewhat back to the errors he made last year. In fact, at the end of the race, he was really angry. He handled himself very well up to that point. Hopefully, he won’t  return to the same situation as 2022, but I don’t think so.  Then, a great Morbidelli, who seems to be reborn. Let’s see if this GP will be the turning point. It could have been a podium, but it’s still a great result. 

The Ducati is fast. Nothing to say with three bikes on the podium. Zarco is a rider of other times. Alex Marquez is back to being what he should always be. Quartararo defended himself well. The rain helped him a little. 

Bad, Aprilia. I would’ve expected more, but they suffered too much on the wet. KTM won big with Binder in the Sprint Race. They’ve grown a lot. For Honda, a total flop. I’m sorry. Neither of the two official riders in the race. They bet everything on Marquez, who has to stay calm. I get it. He thinks he’s the fastest, and he probably is. But the technical confusion at Honda is blatant. They don’t know which way to go. A motorcycle can’t be made in two months. It takes years. Only Marquez can save it, but he has to be careful to ride it to the point that the bike will allow. 

I have to say, there were a lot of doubts about the Sprint Race but, in the end, the format is not as bad as I feared.” 


Translated by Leila Myftija

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