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MotoGP, Pol Espargarò to his wife: “These were tough days and you were there with me”

The rider wanted to thank Carlota Bertran for her support even after the accident: “You’re the pillar of my life. Without you, we're completely lost.”

MotoGP: Pol Espargarò to his wife: “These were tough days and you were there with me”


Pol Espargarò returned home after his terrible accident in Portimão, and he opened his heart on the web. Through his Instagram profile, he wrote a touching letter to his wife, Carlota Bertran, for her birthday. A way to thank her for everything she’s done for him, especially after the accident.

What very tough days, weeks, perhaps the toughest I’ve ever had to experience. But you’re always there, without asking, without conditions or complaints.

Because, by your side, there are no women’s days or other days aimed at enhancing your figure. You bring them all together, since you’re the best woman in the world, every day of the year, without ifs, ands or buts. Accepting me, accepting us, our two daughters and me sonce, in such complicated times, I become an even more difficult child to please!

You know that I’m not one of those who’s always posting photos kissing and praising you, so that everyone knows our love story, because I always thought that a social network shouldn’t pale something as pure as ours.

But today, on your 30th birthday, after more than 15 of putting up with me, and it hasn't been easy for you lately, I couldn't be happier to have you by my side! You are and have been the pillar of my life, of our lives and, without you, we’re completely lost!

My inspiration in everything I do and everything I set out to do.

I love and admire you in equal measure. Continue guiding us all.

I love you, Carlota. Forever and ever!


Translated by Leila Myftija

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