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MotoGP, GP of Argentina: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

17 start, Bezzecchi won and Bagnaia made a mistake. A newfound Morbidelli, a confirmed Arbolino and an amazing Migno. A vanishing act on the other hand for Aprilia

MotoGP: GP of Argentina: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Goldilocks, not Shirley Temple but Marco Bezzecchi. A naive rider, who coloured the weekend in Argentina in his own particular way. Between a sprint race podium, victory in the right race and Messi's signed shirt, he did it all. He has a suitcase full of souvenirs for the return home, while Bagnaia has only a little gravel left from the Termas de Rio Hondo run-off areas, to remind himself that mistakes are paid for.

Apart from Pecco, it was a good trip for the Italians. With Arbolino finally grown up and Migno on the podium after finding a (time-based) seat at the last minute. Well done, guys.

THE GOOD The boss asks and Bezzecchi complies. Valentino Rossi didn't even have the time to wish for the first victory for his team before the little genius with the curls satisfied him. He got carried away a bit and even took the lead of the championship, but in this case too much doesn't hurt. In fact, it makes us want to see how it will end up. Magic isn’t required, Marco's right wrist is enough.

THE BAD – Moto3 and Moto2 have long been the Cinderellas of the paddock. So as not to create too much disturbance, starting from this year a couple of laps have been removed from their races. The sprint race for Moto2 also made its debut in Argentina: 14 laps, the price to pay for having a few minutes in the wet before starting (having eliminated the warm up). Ubi major, minor cessat (where there is the major, the minor is neglected). The ancient Romans knew this, perhaps they did the same in the junior chariot racing classes.

THE UGLY – Seventeen riders at the start doesn’t look good, even if you're not superstitious. Almost a quarter of the grid in the infirmary, wondering if it's the fault of the new format is at least the minimum. The show is fine, but to do it you need riders and there won't be any more at this rate.

DISAPPOINTMENT – On Friday the Aprilia looked like a cruiser destined to make a clean sweep of any resistance at Termas de Rio Hondo, two days later it was a raft on the verge of sinking. It can't always be Sunday: for the men of Noale it's a wish.

CONFIRMATION – When you are nicknamed the shark, in case of rain you just have to sail the waters scaring the other riders with your fin. Tony Arbolino did it, making those who saw him as a talented but too inconsistent rider change their minds. Now he is there, in front of everyone else, even in the championship. The next goal is to stay there.

SURPRISE – An early Easter, with many eggs and each one contained a different surprise. Not the usual silver-like keyring or bracelet, but precious gifts. Like Binder's victory in the sprint race, a newfound Morbidelli, Alex Marquez on the podium, like Migno, after being left without a ride. Things like this, the kind that are liked and kept.

MISTAKE – You live and learn and Pecco Bagnaia almost has a degree in mistakes. His study course seemed to have been completed last year, perhaps he has decided to start his doctorate. He has already taken care of covering his head with ashes (as usual), there is no need to remind him that that crash could and should have been avoided.

OVERTAKING – Aron Canet interpreted the Long Lap Penalty as an acceleration lane for overtaking. He served it twice, twice he succeeded. Fantasy overtaking prize for the Spaniar.

INTERESTING FACT - Marco Bezzecchi is the 119th rider to win a race in the premier class, the 34th in MotoGP, the 26th Italian, the 12th on a Ducati.

TOLD YOU SO “I want to tackle the first races calmly, with no goals other than to keep learning” said Bezzecchi. Never was a lie sweeter.


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