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MotoGP, Morbidelli delighted with Sprint race result, thanks engineer Marmorini

"With his work and that of the team, the speed has improved, it's a good foundation to build on." Quartararo: "I don't have confidence in braking. I've already looked at Franco's data and it can help me"

MotoGP: Morbidelli delighted with Sprint race result, thanks engineer Marmorini

There's no need to ask Morbidelli how he feels, just look at his face. It is that of someone who, after a long journey through hell, has begun to climb the steps to heaven. 4th place in the sprint race is “something I really needed, I'm full of joy” he says.

Then he talks about his race.

“It was nice. I had a good start, but I was a bit too excited and there was a damp patch in the middle of the first corner, I got scared and lost the first position. Then I was able to recover and get back in the lead for a couple of laps: it was an incredible feeling, it felt so good! - Franco didn’t hide his emotions - I had less potential than the Ducatis, I tried to do my best and bring home the best result possible. I finished 4th, actually we did because the team deserves it after working hard. These performances are fuel for me and for the team."

Surprisingly, the M1 kept up with the Desmosedicis on the straight.

“It is thanks to the team and to engineer Marmorini that they have improved the engine, I give them big applause - said Morbidelli - This year we have improved in that sense, but there are still areas to sort out. I was thinking about the technicians on the straight, now it's more difficult to overtake us and that's a good thing, usually it was the other way around. We have a good foundation to build on, but I have to keep my feet on the ground, think about tomorrow's race and then Austin. If we can be fast there too, then we can go on."

The icing on the cake was the fight with his Academy mates Bezzecchi, Marini, Bagnaia.

“It was like at the Ranch. We always fight hard and are very good friends, we are not afraid to give each other a call and talk clearly with each other. We are a good group and this is reflected on the track, in the way we fight amongst ourselves and with the others”.

Quartararo: "I lose a lot in the first half of the track, the warm up will help me try something different"

However, not everything went well for Yamaha. For a reborn Morbidelli, there is Quartararo in the middle of the pack, like in Portimao. The Frenchman has never been up there this Argentine weekend.

“Qualifying didn't go well. In Q1 I didn't expect to go so fast in the wet right away, but then when the asphalt started to dry it was a nightmare - reveals Fabio - Then, in the sprint race, I didn't have a good start. We lack something in a few corners, but it makes a big difference. In the first half of the track I lose a lot, we need to understand why and improve for tomorrow."

So the problems are not solved.

"There was more grip and I felt better on the bike, but I still don't have huge confidence, especially under braking, I don't feel like I usually do" he admits.

This time he will be the one to look at Morbidelli's telemetry for the answers to his questions.

"It will be useful for tomorrow, I've already looked at the data and noticed a couple of little strange things - he admits - For example, I brake more but the bike slows down less. It's interesting. Franco and I have two totally different riding styles and on tracks where there is little grip he is always fast. I hope it doesn't rain and in the warm up I'll try something different ”.

There had to be a question about the dangers of the sprint race from Fabio who is not a great admirer.

“It's only the second one. In the end, it wasn't a disaster like the one in Portimao, let's see what happens in the next one" he said.


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