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Ezpeleta and Domenicali's idea: "F1 and MotoGP together in the same GP"

It was Carmelo who confirmed the project: "both of us came up with it. We need to solve a lot of problems, safety and sponsors, but we'll keep thinking about it"

MotoGP: Ezpeleta and Domenicali's idea: "F1 and MotoGP together in the same GP"


MotoGP and Formula 1 together, on the same weekend and at the same circuit. It seems like a crazy idea, and while there is still no certainty that it will come true, the two promoters have already talked about it.

It's not just rumours, because the confirmation of what might seem like a simple fantasy came from the voice of Carmelo Ezpeleta, interviewed by Cope.

In Portugal, the CEO of Dorna met his counterpart in F1, Stefano Domenicali and they discussed the project of bringing the top automotive series to the Spanish capital. An idea that also appeals to the bikes.

"I spoke to the mayor of Madrid - Carmelo said - We need to understand [if it's possible] because we need bigger run-off areas that are more difficult to have in non-permanent circuits".

MotoGPs and street circuits don't get along, but Ezpeleta doesn't want to give up the idea easily: “if there were the possibility that the circuit was good for both of us, we'd consider it. It doesn't have to be the same one."

However, it would eventually come about in a few years: "we have signed contracts with the circuits until 2027, it would be for later".

The super Grand Prix is now in the heads of the two bosses and they have time to think about how to solve the many problems: safety first, then the sponsors and much more. "At a certain point it occurred to us, both Stefano and I, but at the moment it cannot be done. Of course we will not stop investigating the possibility of doing it, on the contrary. There are many things to solve, because some of our safety measures aren't good for them, the question of the different sponsors... but we're thinking about it" concluded Carmelo.


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