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MotoGP, Argentina: Michelin debuts with new medium-compound front tire

The riders had tried it out during the winter tests. It has a slightly harder compound than its previous version and reaches temperatures faster.

MotoGP: Argentina: Michelin debuts with new medium-compound front tire


The upcoming stage of the MotoGP will be in Argentina, on the Termas de Rio Hondo track. Just over 4.8 km long with 14 corners (5 right-hander and 9 left-handers), this is a very technical  track, and also a very dirty one. Since it hasn’t been used lately, the riders will be forced to be “cleaner uppers”.

In line with the new regulations, Michelin will bring three different front and two rear tire options to Argentina (compared to the three that were expected up until the end of last season). The new tire is the medium front, with a compound designed to be more versatile, which quickly reaches the ideal operating temperature and maintains a consistently high performance throughout the race. The riders tried out this tire during the winter tests in Sepang in February, then later in Portugal, at the beginning of March, with positive results for everyone. 

For the rear, Michelin chose to bring the medium and hard options, which were the preferred compounds last season in Argentina. All these tires are symmetrical. 

In case of rain, the riders will be able to choose between the soft and medium symmetrical front Michelin Power Rains and the soft and medium asymmetrical rear (with a harder compound on the right).

In Argentina, the riders will have 27 tires: 15 front (5 of each different compound) and 12 rear (7 soft and 5 medium). Of these, they can use up to 22 (10 front, 12 rear).

Argentina is a special event on the MotoGP schedule,” Michelin Manager Piero Taramasso commented. “It’s a unique place and a tough circuit that always has the ability to surprise. Not least when it comes to weather. We don’t know the track as well as some of the others on the calendar, since we only come here once a year, and no tests were held in Termas de Rio Hondo. What we do know is that the circuit’s comparatively coarse asphalt is aggressive one tires. This was a factor we took into account during their development, and our technical advisors that are delegated to work with the teams will support our partners at track to help them perform to their best ability from the outset.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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