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The latest news, results, and insider insights from MotoGP

Dive into the thrilling world of MotoGP! Want to know the top moto news? You have come to the right place! So don't wait - grab your helmet and hit the track for an adrenaline rush of MotoGP news right now

News: The latest news, results, and insider insights from MotoGP

Dive into the thrilling world of MotoGP! Want to know the top moto news? You have come to the right place! So don't wait - grab your helmet and hit the track for an adrenaline rush of MotoGP news right now.

Which company is most successful at MotoGP?

The TOP 5 most successful MotoGP brands include:
1.    Yamaha. With Valentino Rossi as part of its team, Yamaha MotoGP has surged to the front of the pack in global racing. The brand currently holds an impressive three spots among the world's top 10 racers and raised its standards even further with a record-breaking 7 championships since 1999! Competing against other leading labels like Ducati and Honda for prestige on track, it looks like there are still more successes yet to come from Yamaha - all signs point towards continued success at breakneck speeds.

2.    Honda. Boasting immense success in the sport of MotoGP racing, Honda is an undisputed leader within its field. With 65 titles over multiple racing classes and a remarkable ‘Triple Crown win in 2017, they have cemented their name as one of the most victorious manufacturers globally. Two current riders aligning with Honda are Takaaki Nakagami (7th) and Alex Marquez (13th), whilst famous Italian rider Valentino Rossi raced for them during the 2000s era. Although Yamaha may be outstripping them now; it remains clear that Honda still maintains considerable respect among motorcyclists worldwide - rankings continue to stay high!

3.    Ducati. Ducati has been a motorcycle racing powerhouse for over 70 years, and their riders have earned an impressive 18 Constructors titles and 15 Riders titles. Danilo Petrucci and Andrea Dovizioso are two of the faces representing this iconic Italian brand. Despite its long history in the MotoGP World Championship, Ducati only tasted victory once - with former racer Casey Stoner clinching gold on behalf of them all! Not stopping there though, they also make regular appearances across Superbike competitions too as they look to extend their legacy further by collecting even more championships moving forward.

4.    Suzuki. One hundred and thirteen years ago, Michio Suzuki founded the company bearing his namesake with a commitment to quality apparel manufacturing. However, after World War II brought on changing industry demands, he decided to switch up their production of motorcycles instead - culminating in one of the brand's most momentous achievements yet: winning its first MotoGP in 2007! Fast forward through time and today Alex Rins & Joan Mir are proudly donning Suzukis while they hold onto second & third places respectively at Barcelona-Catalunya this year; making them serious contenders against other big names like Ducati, Yamaha, or Honda!

5.    Aprilia. Italy's Aprilia has been a major player in the motorcycle industry since 1945, and this came to fruition when two of its competitors finished within the top 16 spots during the 2020s first MotoGP race. Even more exciting is that Valentino Rossi raced on an Aprilia from 1996-1999! While it still holds towards the lower end of the competitive power structure, simply having two racers clinch such positions was enough for them to celebrate their success against all odds.

Why is Suzuki leaving MotoGP?

Here's what Suzuki's official statement says. With the ever-changing world, Suzuki Motor Corporation is finding new ways to ensure its success and vibrancy. This includes making moves such as leaving MotoGP at the end of 2022 due to a shift in the market environment. As part of their strategy for sustainability, carbon neutrality, and alternative fuel technologies they're reallocating resources accordingly. However, this decision will not affect their long-standing commitment to powersports nor the U.S. markets - continuing on bringing premium products with excellent service from both Suzuki Motor Corp & USA LLC alike!

MotoGP results in march 2023

The lowest time so far has been posted by Marc Marquez at number 93 on a Honda motorcycle. He was able to develop 173.435 and achieved a time of 1'37.226. Only slightly behind are 2 Ducatis with Francesco Bagnaia at number 1 and Jorge Martin at number 89. Their test times are 1'37.29 and 1'37.454 respectively.

What conclusions can be drawn from the first MotoGP race?

The best way to find out about all the events personally is by watching the races. If the whole problem rests only on the fact that broadcasts are not available in your country, just use a VPN. For example, VeePN is great at bypassing any regional restrictions, providing a smooth video experience in any quality without buffering.

Another argument in favor of the VPN service from VeePN is a free trial version for new users. This is how you will know if a VPN is right for you or not. If you just want to add to your knowledge, here are some interesting takeaways we can make from watching the first MotoGP race.

- Aprilia is great, despite the difficulties in the qualifying round. Aprilia's RS-GP made a huge leap forward in 2022, which the team continued to refine and build upon as they debuted two new satellite teams heading into 2023. Testing revealed that not only Maverick Vinales and Aleix Espargaro would be fast but Miguel Oliveira with RNF had the potential for great surprises - one of them being his impressive performance during the sprint race where he nearly secured a podium position despite mediocre qualifying runs by Aprilia throughout their weekend experience.

- Marc Marquez is still cunning. After a challenging start to the season, Marc Marquez made an epic comeback with his pole position performance and new lap record at qualifying. But that's not all - he even went on to secure a podium spot in spite of tensions within the Repsol Honda camp against team-mate Joan Mir! His remarkable feat proves once again why he is known as one of MotoGP's most skilled champions over six-time world titles.

- Racers don't burn for points. Riders in MotoGP have been struggling to come to terms with the switch from traditional 15-point races for Grand Prix weekend and shorter nine-point sprints. With this new format, riders find themselves battling hard each lap just for a chance of scoring nothing at the finish line! Despite obtaining top 10 positions, it’s not enough as they fall short on points - leading some racers to have difficulty adjusting mentally. Only time will tell if risk versus reward strategies are perfected by these grid experts or if their old techniques remain – transforming every race into an intense battle until that checkered flag is waved!

- Pressure on riders. The 2023 MotoGP season was already set to be a long and demanding one, but that challenge has only been intensified after Ducati teammates Enea Bastianini and Luca Marini collided on Saturday. This resulted in the championship contender suffering an unfortunately broken shoulder which will cause him to miss next weekend's race in Argentina as well as the remainder of this Portuguese Grand Prix event; illustrating just how costly Dorna's decision for introducing sprint races at each round could prove for riders despite assertions from series promoters that it would not mean any extra track time over a weekend.


The first MotoGP race of the 2023 season has provided some valuable insights into the championship's current state. Aprilia achieved a breakthrough performance against their rivals, while Marc Marquez continues to prove why he is one of the sport's most decorated racers. Riders have had difficulty adjusting to the new nine-point sprint format and are now feeling better. Stay up to date with MotoGP with us.

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