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MotoGP, Martin: “Marc isn’t new to these things, he broke my toe”

“I’m angry about the accident. Even with a broken toe and crooked handlebars, I was fast. I don’t know if I could’ve won, but I was definitely faster than Viñales.”

MotoGP: Martin: “Marc isn’t new to these things, he broke my toe”


After finishing second in Saturday’s race, Jorge Martin seemed to be one of most promising candidate for a podium, even in Sunday's race. But the Pramac rider’s performance was conditioned by  Marc Marquez's error, when he hit Jorge on his Desmosedici, also knocking down Oliveira.

It was complicated, because in crashing against my leg, he broke my toe, and I definitely did something to my ankle. It was difficult to ride like that, but I managed to keep a very fast pace. I hope they do something, because it’s always him, and it has already happened more than once with me, so I hope they do something about it,” Martinator said, without knowing about the penalty inflicted on the Honda rider for Argentina

The Pramac team’s rider was really angry that he can’t fathom Marc's mistake: “I had two riders in front of me, and I couldn’t brake, as if I were on the track alone. He was fourth and should have managed that difference and brake a bit earlier. I don’t know, he also twisted my handlebars. It was difficult to ride like that, but I was still fast,” Jorge said. He managed to continue the ride up to six laps from the end, when a fall put a definitive end to his race.

Aside from the pain, the Ducati rider especially regrets the opportunity wasted due to the accident, which snatched away the second podium of the weekend for him. 

We didn’t choose the best front tire yesterday, but today we were pretty good, and I could brake hard. The truth is that I’m angry, because I could definitely go faster than Maverick,” the 25-year-old said. “I don't know about the victory, but I would’ve been close to Pecco, because I lapped at 1’38” even with crooked handlebars, and I think I could’ve definitely gotten on the podium.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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