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MotoGP, Quartararo: "We’re not in the F1, we’ll end up having a serious accident in the future”

Fabio Quartararo stands up against the Sprint Race. Great news for the 2023 season: “It was like a jungle today. Managing the first laps was pure madness. For safety purposes, the ideal would be to have a couple of races with 20-25 laps.”

MotoGP: Quartararo: "We’re not in the F1, we’ll end up having a serious accident in the future”


Tenth at the finish line, Fabio Quartararo finished just outside the points zone in the Portuguese GP Sprint Race. A race that was conditioned from the beginning by a bad start, due to a problem with his launch control and the contact caused by Joan Mir on the Honda HRC, so Fabio ended up in last position. That’s why the Monster EnergyYamaha rider tried as much as possible to limit the damage and at least demonstrate a good constant pace on his M1. 

At the start, I had a problem with the launch control,” the 2021 World Champion stated. “I lost a lot of positions when I shifted into second gear. Then I was hit by Mir and ended up behind. My pace was good. We gathered some useful information. We need to improve on the flying lap if we want to start further ahead on the grid.”

After a furious comeback from the rear, the French rider then caught up behind the Ducati riders, Johann Zarco and Alex Marquez: “I was able to closely analyze what our weaknesses are. In some areas, we don’t behave badly, but we’re not able to take advantage of the benefits on this track.

The new format, on the other hand, has already created a rift in the opinions of the riders:I don’t like it much. At this rate, we’ll end up having a serious accident. Today seemed like a jungle. We’re not in the formula one where we can continue the race even in case of a contact between cars. Today it happened to Marini and Bastianini. In the future, we’ll have more falls. You can be aggressive. That’s not a problem. In the finale, in fact, Marquez and I touched several times. That’s how the races are. I’m talking about managing the first laps, which was pure madness. We’re on bikes that react differently and are difficult to control.”

Pressed on the topic of too much impetuousness shown on the track, Fabio replied:I’m not surprised by certain behavior. Even if it’s tough physically, for safety purposes, the ideal would be to compete in a couple of races with twenty to twenty-five laps each. So, if you want, you have more time to recuperate. In the sprint race, you get screwed.

Despite the entertainment that’s guaranteed, Quartararo was adamant about the political power of the riders: “We don’t have any. Who decides? They (ed. Dorna) do. We do a lot of things, always after making changes. In the end, it’s useless. I’m free to talk.”

Quartararo is already focused on Sunday: “It’s going to be a different race. The first three from today are fast, and I think it’ll be different for us, especially at the beginning. We have to be aggressive, in order to maintain the position and try to gain on the tread.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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