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MotoGP, Lucchinelli: "Marquez will have to realize that he can't win all the races"

VIDEO INTERVIEW - "I bet on Marc because I want controversy, you get good races when it’s all spiced up. The sprint race? Working is becoming better than racing. Valentino is the last MotoGP character, it will be difficult to beat him"

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On the stage of the Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber, organized by Prometeon, Marco Lucchinelli was the one who spoiled the party. With his always ready jokes, the ability to play down any situation, the mad horse of motorcycle racing knows how to put on a show even with a microphone in his hand. Nothing new there, in 1982 he took to the Ariston stage for the San Remo Festival and is perfectly at ease under the spotlights.

Are you more comfortable on the stage or on the track?

“I'm also used to it because of the music. When you go on stage to play, you have the emotion of putting your face on it, but you don't get hurt, you can only go out of tune. On the bike, I remember the excitement of the first laps, of the first braking because it was also dangerous".

Of the current riders, who would you see on a stage, the character that would fill a theatre?

“I don't see any, apart from Zarco who plays the piano (laughs). Valentino was a character and it will be difficult to beat him, even off the track".

Rossi's influence is also there with his pupil Bagnaia, did you like how he won the title?

“I didn't like the scenes in the pits, if they wanted to agree on things they should have done it before, those things were a bit of an antics. It wasn't Pecco's fault, but how it was handled. This year they should be clear from the start."

Will it be fun with Bagnaia and Bastianini in the pits?

“Yes, because races are great when you aren't too close friends, when there's spice. As Valentino did, teasing the other riders".

Marquez's return is expected now that he is finally physically well.

“He will no longer be able to do what he used to do, like winning 10 races in a row or starting from last to finish in front. He won't be able to do it anymore, not because he's afraid now, but it's also a question of age and moreover the Honda isn't an arrow. He will have to start thinking differently, not wanting to win all the races because you can win the title even like this ”.

With the sprint race there will be 42 races, do you like this news?

“At this point it becomes better to go to work (laughs). So that's a bit much. Does one more race mean more of a show? Maybe it would be an idea that my son could have had at 13, I would have expected something different, not one more race."

Who are you betting on this year?

"On Marc Marquez, because I want some controversy"



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