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Sensational: Honda has asked Kalex to redesign the MotoGP bike chassis

The Japanese from HRC are in a downward spiral from which they are unable to get out and have turned to the German company, with the hope of having the new chassis for the May tests in Jerez

MotoGP: Sensational: Honda has asked Kalex to redesign the MotoGP bike chassis

The collaboration between Honda and Kalex is destined to become stronger and the latest indiscretion reported by Speedweek is even more sensational. HRC is reported to have asked the German company to create new chassis for the RC213V.

This is no small matter, because it means a defeat for the Japanese company. It should be recalled that last year, in the Misano tests in September, Honda used the aluminium swingarms built by Kalex for the first time. It wasn't just a test, because that material was then used by the riders in the following races and they continued to do so in the winter tests as well.

Now, however, things are going even further. The German company owned by Klaus Hirsekorn and Alex Baumgärte is in fact now working on the most important part of the Japanese bike's chassis. After all, many of the RC213V's problems have come from the chassis and the Japanese technicians seem unable to solve them. So much so that the latest evolution brought to Portimao was rejected by Marc Marquez.

“The bike I'm starting the season with is very similar to the one I used in the Valencia tests last year” declared the Spanish rider. This means that all the work done in the winter in Japan didn't bear much fruit, while Honda’s rivals (especially the Italian manufacturers) continued to improve.

Marc's frustration could increase and in an attempt to make amends it was therefore decided to turn to Kalex to take a new direction with the project. The construction of a new chassis, however, is not a simple operation and the time scale is lengthy. An official test for the MotoGP is scheduled for 1 May, after the Jerez GP and it could be a great opportunity to try out the chassis made in Germany. Maybe entrusting it to test rider Stefan Bradl in the race, who will be entered in the Grand Prix as a wild card.


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