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Migno: “I ended up with nothing, they want 400 thousand Euros for a Moto2”

INTERVIEW – “It pisses me off. There are those racing who were behind me last year. In can't pay my bills with the hope of racing. The guys from VR46? I’ll tell you all about them.”

News: Migno: “I ended up with nothing, they want 400 thousand Euros for a Moto2”

The World Championship will begin in two weeks, but the rider who won last year’s opening race in the Moto3 won’t be there. We’re talking about Andrea Migno, who held high the colors of the Snipers team last season.

With a 9th place in the World Championship at the end of 2022, the team didn’t reconfirm Andrea, so the rider from Romagna is now looking for a team. There are no places left in the Moto3, nor are there any in the SuperSport. Consequently, there’s a big question mark hovering over 2023 for Andrea.

We were able to speak to him, as he took stock of the situation.

How’s it going? It pisses me off,” Andrea began. “Unfortunately, staying home and watching others race is upsetting, but this is my current situation, and I can’t do anything about it. The thing that pisses me off most is to see those who were behind me last year, here at the start of this season in the world championship.”

Andrea, let's shed some light on the situation.
Of course. Last year, I started off well. I won in Qatar, and then there was the podium in Austin. The problem is that, when we arrived in Portimão, the KTMs had new updates while the Hondas didn’t, except for Leopard’s. Afterwards, there were some mistakes, but I ended the season in the top ten in ninth place.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to be reconfirmed.
That’s right! At the end of the season, I saw the first signs and, in the end, my concerns were validated.

How hard was it to accept having to stop?
A lot. From one day to the next, you end up having nothing and losing practically everything. The problem with this is the cost. For a Moto3, they want two-hundred thousand euros. The same for the CEV. If you want a Moto2, you have to put four-hundred thousand on the plate. Those who have money race, even if they were behind me in 2022.

Some think the VR46 riders have a fast track.
No, I can assure you, that’s not true.”

What are your days like now?
I train every day, as if there were a race on Sunday. It’s not easy, but it’s the motivation that accompanies me in everyday life. At the same time, I'm also considering other alternatives, because you can’t pay your electric or gas bills with the hope of racing.

I’d have liked to have had the Honda from the beginning of my Moto3 adventure or be able to race in a higher category like the Moto2, where I could probably have demonstrated more than with this damn Moto3. In the end, there’s no point in brooding. Like I said, I train every day to be ready for any eventuality.

How much has Migno changed in recent years?
I think I’m always the same person, because that’s how we Romagnoli are. Our mood remains the same. I’ll be in Portimão for the first race weekend, and I won’t stop smiling, even if I don’t race. Whoever I’ll come upon in the paddock will see that.

Should we wish your VR46 friends good luck?
Absolutely! I see they’re all fast and psyched, starting from Celestino Vietti in the Moto2, up to our Peccone.”

Can you tell us about these guys?

Let’s start from Marini and Bagnaia.
I have a scientific friendship with Luca, while Bagnaia is our Peccone. We love Pecco, and he knows it. Last year, the night before the race in Valencia, Bezz and I wrote him a note that read: ‘Come on Peccone, we’re with you, we love you.’ I remember I brought it to him on Saturday night on the steps of the motorhome.

Now about Bezzecchi.
The Bezz is a tried and true bread and salami Romagnolo. He just needs to stay calm, because when he’s wound up too much, like at the Ranch, then he’s makes mistakes. Marco is very fast. You saw what he did last year in Assen. I think he’s one of the best. He’s a friend.”

Then there’s Vietti.
Great Cele, I love him too considering, among other things, what we’ve shared together in recent years.

Finally, the toughest one: Franco Morbidelli.
We could sit here for an hour talking about Morbido,” he said jokingly. “He’s our Brazilian, and I thank him for having helped my girlfriend who’s studying in Rome. Franco insults him heavily, but he does it for his sake. He deserves to be insulted,”  Migno smiled. “In my opinion, Morbido doesn’t even know that the world championship is starting in two weeks. You have to remind him a couple of days before. Just think that he still has to respond to my birthday wishes from three years ago. Among other things, he has a mobile phone he doesn’t even know how to use. When we need him, we have to write to his girlfriend. Obviously, I send him a big hug, because he’s a friend, and I wish Frankie all the best.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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