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New brain of MotoGP bikes is designed for sustainable fuels

Marelli presents the BAZ-340 control unit, capable of immediately notifying the Race Direction of a crash by a rider, as well as having a computing power 4 times higher than the previous one

MotoGP: New brain of MotoGP bikes is designed for sustainable fuels


A few days ago we talked about the new single control unit created by Marelli for MotoGP and the small case that had arisen from it. Today it was officially presented and the new ECU is called BAZ-340. Behind this acronym there is an evolved unit compared to the previous one, which has now reached end of life.

The Marelli technicians have increased "up to four times the computing power and up to a maximum of ten times the data management compared to the previous version". The new MotoGP electronic brain is not only more powerful and faster, but has been designed to "fully support the introduction of sustainable fuels along the path towards carbon neutrality undertaken by MotoGP". A journey that will begin next year with the introduction of synthetic or bio-based fuels alongside those of fossil origin.

The new control unit will also improve safety on the track, because it has better "real-time data acquisition, calculation, analysis and transmission" capabilities. It is equipped with a powerful integrated data logger capable of acquiring and analyzing a lot of data.

Let's give an example: the 'Danger Light' is introduced with this control unit: in the event of a rider crashing, an 'accident' signal is immediately sent to the Race Direction, which has the possibility of reacting by activating the on-board lights and adopting any other measure aimed at guaranteeing safety.

As far as the more purely technical aspects are concerned, the new ECU offers a dual customizable power supply voltage, 12 and 24V, which allows for a reduction in energy dissipation and an increase in system efficiency.

As we have already explained, for 2023 the teams will be able to choose whether to use the new ECU or continue with the 2022 one.


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