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Salvadori: "With the Ducati MotoE bike you give gas like with the Panigale V4"

“The first touch of the gas is identical to the Ducati V4. The bike has a futuristic noise and you can feel that it is a prototype: you have greater freedom of movement on the saddle"

MotoE: Salvadori:

Luca Salvadori's adventure in MotoE has begun at Valencia. With the first tests on the Ricardo Tormo track, the youtuber started his new journey astride the Ducati MotoE of the Pramac team. It was certainly an encouraging start for him seeing as he set the best time in the wet.

Here are his first impressions of the electric version of the Rossa.

“The work they've done is incredible, because the first touch of the gas, the zero-thirty, is the same as the Ducati V4 - he said - not hearing the noise is not a problem. Indeed, the bike makes a noise and is futuristic, or rather something totally different, so as a result you need to get used to it. The thing I can say is that by often jumping from two to four wheels, I was able to immediately feel good and adapt".

Later he then spoke about the best time he achieved.

“The conditions this morning were mixed, but I managed to have confidence, setting a great time. Personally, I had never tried a racing motorcycle, a prototype, and I immediately felt the difference compared to a traditional road-going motorcycle. When you're on the saddle, you feel that you have greater freedom, being able to make many more movements, including more nimble pick-ups, and I think this is due to ergonomics. I feel this with more ease and all this translates into confidence”.

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