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The new sponsorship frontier: digital panels on the McLaren

VIDEO - The British team has obtained the go-ahead to use them in Formula 1 and is also experimenting with them on the drivers' helmets. For motorbikes, there is a patent for using them on fairings and leathers

Auto - News: The new sponsorship frontier: digital panels on the McLaren

It was only a matter of time and McLaren has been quickest off the starting blocks. For once, we’re not talking about racing, but about advertising. In fact, the British team has received the green light to race in Bahrain with digital panels on the bodywork of its F1 car. What are they for? To change the image of the sponsors at predefined intervals.

As is often the case, it's easier to see what happens and you can do that in the video below.


The panels, positioned in this case in the upper part of the sidepods of the car, are after all screens, on which the image can be changed at will. For example, a company can alternate various products, or various sponsors can share the same space. These are just two simple examples, because the potential of these panels is manifold, and it is early days yet.

McLaren has not only put panels on its car but is also experimenting with them on its drivers' helmets. As you can see in the video, in this case it is mounted on the front part of the chin guard and works like the one on the single seater.

The increase in weight is negligible, because those on the car weigh just 190 grams.

And what about motorbikes? We talked about it just a few months ago (find the article HERE) because a British company has presented a patent to integrate them on motorcycles and even on riders' leathers. Formula 1 has paved the way; we just have to wait to see when MotoGP will adapt to this new marketing frontier.


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