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MotoGP, ECU case: in 2023 it will be possible to use both the new and the old ECU

The request to the MSMA was made by Ducati and Aprilia to avoid having to adapt the 2022 bikes to the 2023 unit and was accepted because the upgrade does not give an advantage in terms of performance

MotoGP: ECU case: in 2023 it will be possible to use both the new and the old ECU


The update of the single control units by Magneti Marelli for 2023 seemed to be a bit of a case but, digging a little deeper, it was much ado about nothing. GPOne has reconstructed what happened and the situation is now clearer.

Let's start from the beginning and that is from last year, when Magneti Marelli communicated to the manufacturers that it wanted to update their ECUs. The reason was simple: the new units are 'dated' for the frenetic world of electronics, they date back to about ten years ago, and it was time for an 'upgrade'. Modern technology makes it possible to create better performing and smaller ECUs and that is what has been done.

It is therefore a 'hardware' change, i.e., in the construction of the control unit, which in any case 'runs' the same software as the old one.

Later, however, Ducati made a request to the MSMA: that of being able to continue using the 2022 ECU also during 2023. Also in this case, there is an explanation: the Borgo Panigale manufacturer provides the Gresini and VR46 teams with the Desmosedici GP22 which should have been updated in the wiring and other components to accommodate the new electronic brain. Which involves two problems: one of time to adapt the old bikes and one of costs. After Ducati, Aprilia also made the same request, as the Noale-based company also entered into an agreement with the RNF team to which it will supply last year's RS-GPs.

The MSMA examined the situation and accepted the request also because the new ECUs are more modern, but not more performing. Therefore, throughout 2023, it will be possible to choose whether to use the new unit or continue to rely on the old one. This problem only arises for the two Italian manufacturers, because the GasGas team will have 2023 bikes like the official KTM one and the same happens in Honda, with the LCR team.

There was therefore no problem in the production of the new units, which are also available for the Ducati and Aprilia satellite teams, should the two manufacturers request them.

The exception to the regulation which provides for a single control unit for everything was made because the new unit will not give any advantage in terms of performance to those who use it.


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