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MotoGP, Pirro: "The Ducati is competitive, but Quartararo will come good in the race"

"That seen in Sepang is not Fabio's real position, because the flying lap is different from race pace and rhythm", explained the Ducati test rider in a video interview at Vallelunga

MotoGP, Pirro: "The Ducati is competitive, but Quartararo will come good in the race"
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Michele Pirro's long winter is not yet over. Before leaving for Portimao, he took to the Vallelunga track to test, for the first time, the new Panigale V4R in CIV configuration, with single ECU and Dunlop tyres. And, as you can see in the video above, it is precisely at the racetrack on the outskirts of Rome that the Ducati test rider was caught up by our very own Paolo Scalera, who did not miss the opportunity to ask him for his opinion on the tests in Malaysia and get give some advice on how best to tackle the track named after Piero Taruffi.

“In one week, ten days, I have been on the MotoGP bike, on the electric bike and on the Panigale. Not bad" began Michele, in whose opinion the new Desmosedici GP is just lacking a bit more mileage: "I think there are still some kilometres missing to sort things out. It was the first test and the conditions, even during the Shakedown, were a bit precarious, so we didn't do very much. It’s OK, but I think that at the end of the Portimao test we'll have a clear view of the situation - admitted Pirro - The first race is two weeks after the last test, so we need to be ready, but I think the Ducati has shown that it's competitive in general. With both new and old riders."

The Ducati has lived up to expectations, but the performances of Honda and Yamaha, which the nine-time Italian champion still wishes to take with a pinch of salt, were instead surprising.

"It has become a difficult MotoGP, because the state of play in the time attacks are a little different from what the race pace and rhythm might be, so there's a bit of balancing to do: Quartararo's position isn't real, because in the race I don't think he would be 18th or 19th. I think that the Sepang test should be taken with a pinch of salt regarding the race pace, so I think we will see the real state of play at Portimao, on a European track, where the Ducati is strong, but where, unlike in previous years, we start with a solid base. I'm sure we can have a great year" commented the 36-year-old, whose attention is focused precisely on the World Championship.

“I will take part in the IRTA tests in Portimao, then we have a test in Jerez before the first race and then I will be available, because the Italian championship starts in April. The focus is on MotoGP, because we won last year but we want to do it again, because winning again is more enjoyable than winning."

Now, however, it's time to think about the V4R, to be put to the test at Vallelunga: "For me, who prefer fast curves, from the Roma to the Cimini it's a pleasure, because with these bikes you go fast and this part is great - the Ducati man told us, revealing his favourite section of the track - Then the technical part begins, where you need a bike that turns well and is fast when changing direction. As a circuit it's a good compromise between fast and slow, so it's fun. Then finding these temperatures in Italy, in February, is not bad. Sooner or later, maybe, we'll be able to bring all the guys here for training, also because the track is very good for training and a good compromise, without necessarily going to Spain".


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