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Crash for Iannone at Vallelunga: checks rule out fractures

UPDATE #2 - Andrea had an accident at the hairpin on his Aprilia RSV4 and felt pain in his shoulder: fortunately the x-rays are negative

News: Crash for Iannone at Vallelunga: checks rule out fractures


Today Andrea Iannone was at the Vallelunga racetrack with his Aprilia RSV4 to keep fit while waiting for his disqualification to end and for him to be able to resume racing. The day of testing, however, didn't go as he expected. This morning Iannone (who rides an RSV4 with preparation similar to that used in the CIV SBK class) went out of the garage for a first outing, together with Michele Pirro, who is also at the circuit to do some training.

The two weren't pushing hard (they were lapping in around 1'40"), but something went wrong. He was on his fourth lap, about to go back to the pits, but when braking into the hairpin a gear didn’t go in, he went wide and ended up in the gravel. A banal crash fall, but once Andrea got up he felt pain in his shoulder. His concern was that he may have broken a collarbone, so he left the track to go to the hospital and undergo an x-ray.

Iannone has never stopped riding a motorbike and this year he has a scheduled test program on the RSV4 so as not to lose his riding automatisms and be ready when his disqualification expires. The rider from Vasto wants to get back to racing and, while it will be difficult for the MotoGP doors to open, SBK could be a realistic possibility.

UPDATE AT 15.20 - Angelo Iannone gave us some good news: his brother Andrea underwent checks in the hospital and they gave negative results. All the results were negative and there is no evidence of fractures. The rider from Vasto only suffered a big blow to his shoulder and will soon be able to get back on the bike.

UPDATE AT 16.24 - Andrea won't go out tomorrow anyway. "I have a complete training program this year. Several tests carried out professionally. I feel good and I don't think I have lost speed over the years but I have nothing to say for now. It would be just talk, and therefore pointless. When the time comes to talk about my plans I will. Unfortunately it went like this today: the gear didn’t go in at the hairpin, I went straight and then I crashed hitting my shoulder heavily. We weren't pushing, we were riding in the low 1’40s and the next lap I would have stopped".

Iannone was riding an RSV-4 prepared at Noale, in the Superbike version with new suspension and a slightly tuned engine. The Veneto company’s Superbike, despite being an outdated bike, is still competitive.


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