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MotoGP, Mir: “I have room to improve, but we’re far from Aprilia and Ducati”

Joan rejoices halfway: “I’m having fun and riding better every day, but the truth is that we lack traction and we’re behind, especially on the flying lap.” 

MotoGP: Mir: “I have room to improve, but we’re far from Aprilia and Ducati”


“I was happy with the three days. I was able to learn a lot and ride more in the style required by the Honda, and I like to ride this way.” Joan Mir talked about the work done during the official tests in Sepang, where the rider from Mallorca ended his third and last day in 12th place, just over a tenth from the 10th place occupied by his teammate, Marc Marquez.

“I’m riding better every day, and I’m having fun in the process, so it’s easier, and even the times are faster,” the 25-year-old added, aware that the top of the standings, however, is still a long way off. “It’s good to be so competitive, having ridden the bike only three or four days, but we’re still far, especially  from Ducati and Aprilia.”

Are you referring to the Ducati or to Marc?
“Obviously, you always look at your teammate to figure out where the bike is, but if we improved compared to the Ducati, I would be very happy. I think more about the Ducatis.”

Did you find the frame you feel best with?
We tested two different ones. One is what I used yesterday and most of the other day. The other one I tried to use on Saturday, but the conditions weren’t good, so I tested it today and felt a bit better, because it’s better in corners. It’s a problem if you feel good and you don’t reach the time, but in this case I did my fastest laps with this new frame. Now we'll put together my comments and Marc's to decide. We have a problem with traction, which is an area where we need to make a lot of progress. We lose so much in acceleration and that's what we need to focus on.

Did you work mostly on your favorite frame today?
We did some comparative testing and then we focused a little bit on that. We also tried a fork, and we’ll have to see, because I’m not very convinced. I have room to keep improving, but the truth is that we’re far behind, especially on the flying lap.”

What do you think your accelerating deficiency depends on? Is it because of the electronics or the characteristics of the engine?
I think it’s a combination of aerodynamics and electronics. Obviously, if we had more downforce we could use more power.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about Honda?
I’m happy with the way they work. There are more people listening to you than in Suzuki, and it’s nice to have so many people supporting you.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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