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MotoGP, Espargarò and Viñales promote Aprilia 2023: “Already better than the old one”

Maverick: “It allows me to have a more natural riding style.” Aleix: “It’s not a revolution. It has changed in many small details, and there will be another evolution for the engine.”

MotoGP: Espargarò and Viñales promote Aprilia 2023: “Already better than the old one”

If well begun is half done, then Aleix Espargarò and Maverick Viñales will be able to sleep peacefully. The two riders commented on their first experience with the Aprilia 2023, and it was a positive one. So much so that, last year’s bike has already ended up in the back of the garage.

Three laps on the old RS-GP was enough for me,” Aleix smiled. “Also because the new one isn’t a revolution, but an evolution. The engineers changed so many small details. Maybe I would’ve expected bigger differences, but we’re only at the first day, and we have so much to try out.

The important thing is that the innovations work, and Maverick has no doubt about that: “The new bike is already better than the previous one,” he commented. “In what? When braking, it’s similar, but I like it better when cornering, and I felt it lighter when changing direction. Generally, it allows me to be more natural in riding.” Espargarò added some details: “The cooling improved because, especially here in Sepang, it was really hot. We have a lot of new aerodynamics, some we’ll try them here and others during the Portimão tests, and the engine has also improved.

The engineers at Noale are still work at that. “Here we have an evolution of the engine, but there will be another, because we need a some more horsepower,” Aleix revealed.

Both riders will continue working in the afternoon, with an RS-GP in the 2023 version and another that is sort of a hybrid of both the new and old bike.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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