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MotoGP, Quartararo: "first real Yamaha test with new things to try"

“In previous years, I only tried settings and swingarms, but today I tried more than one full test, clarifying if it’s better or not. Top speed has improved, and I think we have taken a step forward."

MotoGP: Quartararo: "first real Yamaha test with new things to try"


The first day of testing has ended at Sepang and Fabio Quartararo is showing confidence with what he has done. A lot of work for the Frenchman, who ended the first day with the eleventh time in the standings almost one second from the top.

The priority, however, was not to go searching for a quick time on the flying lap.

“Today wasn't exactly an easy day - he said - We had many things to try and few tires at our disposal, which among other things weren't our favourite ones. It also wasn't easy to get back on the bike after three months off. The fact is that I'm quite satisfied, as we have improved the top speed and tried some innovations in terms of electronics, aerodynamics and chassis. So I can say it was a positive Friday."

El Diablo was therefore satisfied with what has been done back in Japan.

"Today was the day where we tried many things but couldn't really see if it was better or not. We tried a new chassis; the response was pretty clear. We tried a new engine; the response was pretty clear. Also the aerodynamics. So, the good thing is I could clarify if it was better or not. But it's the first time in my career that I did a real test, because in previous years I tried maybe a swingarm, some settings. Today I think in one day I tried more than one full test. So, it was a little bit of a mess but it was good for the experience."

In all this Fabio did not forget the past.

“At the end in the past, last year we were struggling also with the chassis, now the top speed is better, but we're struggling a little bit more in corners. We have two more days here, two more days in Portimao and we tried so many things here today that we didn't actually focus on what was the best bike.”

Apparently they have speeded things up in Yamaha to meet the needs of the Frenchman.

"Top speed is something that is really important and I think we made a big step. We tried this and that, then we needed to switch the tyres. So, there were many things to try and we didn't really focus on making a best lap or whatever. I think basically last year before starting the test we knew which bike we were going to use for the season. Right now, we have many options and step by step we have to find the direction. Last year we had this, and that was it. So, yeah, this was important."

He had one final consideration for his hand.

“I've been training with motocross in California for the past few weeks and I haven't felt any kind of pain. So I'm excited and confident, as I feel 100% fit."


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