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MotoGP, Marquez: "You can evaluate if the Honda is a winner on the last day in Portimao"

“We won’t find half a second from one day to the next. The feeling is more or less the same as in the Valencia tests. The most important thing is that I feel good, I’ve dedicated all winter to it”    

MotoGP: Marquez: "You can evaluate if the Honda is a winner on the last day in Portimao"


One of the most highly awaited riders at this test is undoubtedly Marc Marquez. After the difficulties encountered in November, the Spaniard was waiting for a signal from Honda. At the end of the first day of testing, Magic Marc is 12th, almost a second behind Bezzecchi's Ducati.

However, his priority was not to aim for a quick time on the flying lap, but to test the material available.

“As you saw in the garage, we have four bikes at our disposal. They are different, but quite similar, among other things, one of these was the 2022. The fact is that today we started from the Valencia base with that bike. I only did a few laps to regain confidence. The development work wasn't easy, as it's always different every time you jump from one bike to another".

As for the new bike, Marc doesn't say too much.

"The feeling right now is the concept is more or less the same as Valencia, because it's more or less the same bike. Now tomorrow, next days we will start working and especially in Portimao something new will arrive. But we need to keep working in our garage, try to get more information, improve tenth by tenth because right now we are still far from the top riders. The biggest difference between the old and the new bike? To tell the truth I don't know and if I did I wouldn't tell you (he jokes). I know they are working and we have many ideas to compare to progress. Among other things, today I didn't test all the bikes, one remained in the garage".

For sure in Japan they didn't stay with their arms folded during the winter.

"Of course, you want more and you always want to be faster, but already they said to me we will do step by step. We will not find half a second from one bike to the next. We need to work step by step to get closer to the top guys. However, I think I have the necessary experience and I am aware that we can take a step forward".

At Sepang the #93 then had the opportunity to meet Ken Kawauchi.

“I expect new ideas from him, to try to understand at what level we are. What I have to do is express opinions, say what I need and where I’m struggling. The solutions are up to the team, I'm just the rider".

In addition to the bike, there is also the physical aspect.

"Yeah, for me the most positive thing is that I feel very good. I don't like to compare to the past. I'm like this and I feel good riding the bike, so I don't feel any limitations, and this was the most important in this first day.”

Later Marc was pressed with a direct question: do you think this Honda is a winner?

“You can evaluate the pre-season on the last day in Portimao. Still, it's too early, I have many things to try. As I said, we have a precise plan to follow, but we are only halfway there. The Ducatis and Aprilias are very competitive, we have to work".

At one point in the morning it seemed that Marc was following Martin to get some impressions on the Ducati.

“Actually Martin passed me. At that moment I had decided to go back to the pits, but when I saw him I decided to continue, but there was a big difference in tires between us."



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