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MotoGP, Fairing wars: KTM responds with new aerodynamics

Dani Pedrosa tested a new fairing today, representing an evolution compared to last November's Valencia tests

MotoGP: Fairing wars: KTM responds with new aerodynamics


During these three Shakedown days, every constructor presented some kind of aerodynamic innovation. The most obvious was Yamaha’s and Aprilia’s, with Ducati that seems to be showing its hand and probably won’t have major developments before the tests in Portimão.

KTM gave Pedrosa a new fairing today (photo above). This is an evolution of what was brought to Valencia (photo below) during the tests last November. Aprilia is clearly an inspiration, with a “step” in the center of the lateral belly pan.

First version of KTM's fairing with “step” in 2022 Valencia tests

It is, however, dissimilar in several ways if we compare it to the previous prototype. The first difference is the “step” that seems to have been raised a few centimeters, while the second is on the lower part of the fairing, a spoiler that extends along the entire length (a solution that also reminds us of the one introduced on the RS-GP these past few days, even if it varies in shape).

An aerodynamic evolution was brought to the track by Dani Pedrosa, who is still racing without an activated transponder.

The “step” is clearly evident, used to probably help clean the flows and “seal” the fairing to the ground in leaning

Translated by Leila Myftija

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