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SBK, Barbera in trouble with the law, accused of fraud and forgery

All this probably stems from the purchase of a van in Andorra a dealer says Hector never paid for.

SBK: Barbera in trouble with the law, accused of fraud and forgery


Hector Barbera is in trouble with the law. As Altaveu reports, the Mayor’s Office of Andorra is investigating an alleged fraud involving the falsification of documents. This all dates back to 2020 when Hector bought a van from a local dealer who says he never received payment for.

After the investigation, the police supposedly discovered that Hector used a previous (falsified) receipt of a bank transfer to prove for the payment (we’re talking about 13,500 Euros) that never occurred. The police also asked to issue a search warrant and an arrest warrant, but the Andorran police aren’t able to find him.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Spanish rider has had similar problems. In 2013, Hector and his partner were convicted of assault while, in 2014, he was found driving without a license. As far as his sporting career is concerned, however, there’s news: after his experience in the MotoAmerica, Hector will now be racing in the British Superbike with TAG Racing Honda (see QUI).

Translated by Leila Myftija

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