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MotoGP, Quartararo: "some fast riders don’t have personality. My charisma is close to Rossi"

"In the first few laps at Sepang, I will know straightaway if the bike is good enough. For the sprint races we need to be smart and the teams fast to adapt. Depends on injuries, but I'd like to ride until I'm 33."

MotoGP: Quartararo: "some fast riders don’t have personality. My charisma is close to Rossi"


Fabio Quartararo, fresh from the recent presentation of the new Yamaha livery, will soon be back in the saddle together with the other riders in the crucial Sepang tests which will officially start the 2023 season and will finally give an overview of what the press and fans can expect in this championship with the renewed format. Not only will the proverbial aces up the sleeve by the various manufacturers regarding the bikes be revealed, but we will also be able to observe the first results of those teams that have seen changes in the workforce, riders first and foremost.

The young French rider, in a recent interview with, was able to dispel some doubts and also to dwell on some considerations tout-court. Fabio first told how he broke his hand.

"It was just embarrassing - he admitted – I went over a jump and I was too long. So, I landed in the flat and went over the handlebars. Not the scaphoid, I was scared it was the scaphoid. It’s good. It’s five weeks, close to six, right now, I will be back on a motocross on Tuesday 24 January".

Then, Fabio spoke about the difference in the Yamaha between the Misano tests and the final one in Valencia.

"I would say the feeling was pretty bad - continued the Frenchman - so I’m really looking forward to the next test in Sepang. In the first few laps, I will know if the bike is good or not, especially on the top speed. For the chassis and everything, you need to do more laps, but on the engine I will know straightaway if it is better or not."

Quartararo also expressed his opinion on the sprint races.

"It’s going to be different and you need to be able to adapt quite quickly on the new format . We will need to be super smart and the team will need to understand how fast we need to adapt race by race".

The sprint races will also give rise to a different sort of Grand Prix.

"Exactly, no worries about the tire. The fuel, we will still have a regulation, but let’s see. I don’t have much info about it, but its going to be great."

At 23, El Diablo is among the youngest riders on the grid.

"It’s nice. I think it means that I was pretty young when I started and we are doing pretty well. It depends on what’s a long time, but I wish to be ten more years in MotoGP. It depends a lot on how it’s going with injuries, but of course I would like to ride until I’m 32 or 33."

Lately Fabio has been the centre of attention, not just sporting. He shows himself on social networks dressed in an eccentric way, like Lewis Hamilton.

"Of course, to have my personality is something great because some riders can be super-fast but don’t have the personality. It’s different to the other one, but it’s true that many people say the charisma I have is close to Valentino, that's a great thing".


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