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MotoGP, Bastianini & Bagnaia: “First victory … beat a reporter!”

EXCLUSIVE - We interviewed Pecco and Enea together: “Our rivalry? We had a prank in mind, to beat each other up on the stage like boxers do.”

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Much has already been written about the rivalry between Bagnaia and Bastianini, and probably much more will be written when the Championship begins. But during the three-day Ducati presentation in Madonna di Campiglio, they seemed like two good buddies. Not only did Pecco and Enea share the stage to unveil the new Desmosedici but also had lunches and dinners and skied together.

They also then offered an exclusive gift to GPOne readers: a few minutes together in front of the cameras, agreeing to talk about anything but the … MotoGP. After the morning race (which Bastianini won), a few slopes, and a plate of polenta, the two Ducati riders stood in front of  the camera, showing that they’re capable of not taking themselves too seriously.

I’m happy to have won my first race of the season. I beat Ianieri!” Enea said laughing. He had gotten the better of the Gazzetta dello Sport reporter. “We’ll try to come back here next year.

On the duality between them, Bagnaia has an anecdote: “Enea and I wanted to pull a prank on the stage of the presentation, beating each other up like boxers do.” Bastianini confirmed: “The idea was there, but then we squashed it.” But Pecco has some regrets: “I would have liked to see Ciabatti’s and Domenicali’s expressions. Tardozzi? He’s David 'Balboa'. He would have gotten in between us,” he joked.

In short, don’t expect technical content in the video above but a chat near a (snowy) slope, where you’ll get to know an unprecedented side of both Bagnaia and Bastianini.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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