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MotoGP, Tardozzi: "For Ducati having the media at the Shakedowns is right and a pleasure"

"I was only asked yesterday about the ban and we said that the press had to be there. Journalists must have access to the circuit and be able to do their job"

MotoGP: Tardozzi: "For Ducati having the media at the Shakedowns is right and a pleasure"


In the end, the press will be able to be present at the Sepang Shakedowns and it is also thanks to some manufacturers that have sided with the journalists. Both KTM and Aprilia have put in a good word and so has Ducati. Even the Reds were taken aback by this decision, which was taken without anyone asking them.

“Yesterday I heard who was responsible and I said that it didn't seem right to me, without a doubt the journalists had to enter the paddock - explains Davide Tardozzi, Ducati team manager - The important thing is that the press is present and that the journalists have the opportunity to talk to whoever they want, it's right that it should be like this".

What is certain is that no one had bothered to call the team managers to get their opinion before putting the padlocks on the Sepang gate.

“They hadn't informed us at all - added Tardozzi- I don't know if anyone made a request, I can say that nobody had asked Ducati about anything. There was no prior investigation, it makes me think that someone's request was accepted".

Ducati likes having visibility.

"Obviously that's the case - continues the manager - When I was asked, that is yesterday, if it was a problem for us to have the press present, I answered no".

All's well that ends well? At the end, the pit lane will still remain off-limits.

“You always need to find some balance in life, if someone asked to close the pitlane, that can be fine. The important thing is that journalists can do their job, I don't know why it should be banned. We are pleased to have the press, the important thing is that they are not too intrusive!” David concluded with a laugh.


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