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MotoGP, Oliveira explains why he left KTM: “Some trains only pass once”

The RNF team’s new signing has been explaining the reasons for his break with KTM: “It didn't behave badly towards me, but we had different ways of thinking. I wanted the opportunity to become World Champion”.

MotoGP: Oliveira explains why he left KTM: “Some trains only pass once”


After four seasons together in MotoGP and five wins, at the end of last summer the paths of Miguel Oliveira and KTM parted ways. A separation that saddened the top management of the Mattighofen manufacturer, who would have liked to continue for a long time with the 28-year-old, the rider who has given the most success to the Austrian team. So what convinced the Portuguese to change and embrace the project of the new Aprilia RNF team? Miguel explained it all in an interview granted to the Portuguese television station, Antena 1.

“I wouldn't say that KTM behaved badly towards me. We simply had different ways of thinking - said Oliveira - The restructuring of the team went hand in hand with the desire to have a different rider than me. These differences naturally drove us apart and we didn't have a future together. Not that the door wasn't open, because they really wanted me to stay racing the GASGAS, which is basically a red painted KTM."

The idea of being moved to the satellite team to leave the factory seat to Jack Miller certainly didn't please Miguel, but the Portuguese's motivations are to be found in the desire to make a real change in his career, rather than in the prospect of being demoted.

“The idea was to bring back the GASGAS brand and to have a couple of Iberian riders, because the brand is Iberian. They wanted a Spanish and a Portuguese rider, but I wasn't too keen on the idea. I sincerely believe there are times in our lives when we need a change. There are trains that pass only once and these opportunities must be seized. I really wanted to change and get out of my comfort zone” explained the new signing of the RNF team.

With Aprilia making huge strides last season, to the point of battling for the title with Espargaró, the Portuguese rider saw a good opportunity in the RS-GP to get one step closer to winning the World Championship.

“KTM has given me a lot of support in my racing career and I was guaranteed the next four years of my life. But deep down I knew it wasn't what I wanted - Miguel commented - I wanted to experience new opportunities and become World Champion, which I believe will happen soon".


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