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MotoGP, PHOTOS - Military-style Yamaha for Quartararo and Morbidelli

A slight change in the graphics for 2023 with a camouflage theme and a touch of grey. Lin Jarvis: "it fits our goals for title fight in 2023"

MotoGP: PHOTOS - Military-style Yamaha for Quartararo and Morbidelli


When it was dawn in Italy, in Jakarta Fabio Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli unveiled their M1s with the colours for the new season. Yamaha chose Indonesia - a very important market - to kick off 2023 in front of the brand's dealerships.

Baptizing the bikes, along with the riders, of course, were Yamaha president Yoshiro Hidaka and racing president Takashiro Sumi, as well as managing director Lin Jarvis and team manager Maio Meregalli.

As always in this type of presentation, it wasn’t the technical innovations that stood out (we'll see those in the Sepang tests in less than a month) but the chromatic ones. In this sense, as per tradition, Yamaha has remained faithful to its past and added a little grey to the graphics dominated by blue and black and inspired by the camouflage that characterizes military vehicles.

"Last year our team achieved numerous successes whilst facing high-level competition and challenges. One of the highs that stood out, however, was the extension of our partnership with Monster Energy Company at the Catalan GP, which Fabio went on to win – said Jarvis - In that moment, we were not only delighted to express our thanks for Monster Energy’s continuous support and their faith in our team, but we also felt excited to look to a future exploring new opportunities to make the bond between Yamaha and Monster Energy even stronger. This year, we are entering our eleventh year with Monster Energy as our sponsor and our fifth season with them as our title sponsor”.

"This occasion deserved a new livery and a fresh start that matches our military-like focus as we fight for the 2023 MotoGP title. As a part of the strong global alliance between Yamaha and Monster Energy, the new look-and-feel will also be adopted by Yamaha’s factory teams in MX and Supercross, showing our unity. We are also grateful to our official sponsors, partners and suppliers, with many of whom we have long-lasting partnerships – Lin continued - Competing at the highest level of motorcycling has never been as challenging as next year, and it is thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of our sponsors that we can focus on bringing home the trophy. A full calendar of races and additional sprint races require us to be focused, adaptable and efficient from the start of MotoGP 2023 testing."

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