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MotoGP, Changing of the guard at Dorna: Arroyo will no longer be Chief Commercial Officer

Manel will nevertheless remain in the MotoGP organising company in the role of Strategic Advisor to Carmelo Ezpeleta

MotoGP: Changing of the guard at Dorna: Arroyo will no longer be Chief Commercial Officer


Dorna Sports announces that Manel Arroyo has decided to leave his executive role as Chief Commercial Officer, but will remain a valuable presence at Dorna as a Strategic Advisor to the CEO and the Executive Committee. He will provide assistance to the company during this transition period, as well as support in finding a replacement to fill the role.

Manel Arroyo said: "My time at Dorna has been the best that any professional could dream of. I have been privileged enough to be part of a uniquely inspired team under the leadership of Carmelo Ezpeleta, my boss and friend, who has been the driving force propelling constant improvements to the sport – bringing MotoGP to its most competitive era and making the championship a gold standard point of reference for the sports entertainment industry. I’m very proud of the team that we have put together, leading the way to reimagining the sport and being fearlessly innovative in content creation. I'm also very proud of the long-standing relationships developed with our partners, who have become truly committed friends along the journey. I want to thank the FIM, the riders and teams, as well as our broadcasters and partners for the incredible relationship we have enjoyed. In my new role, I hope to continue to help MotoGP and Dorna grow, and at the same time use my knowledge and experience in assisting third parties with new ventures in the sports industry, entertainment, and media, and to make our world more sustainable."

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports: "Manel is an incredible asset to the company and an even better friend, with whom I personally started working in 1988, prior to Dorna. Not only Dorna but the entire MotoGP family is fortunate and thankful to Manel for his years of hard work which have provided incredible growth to our sport.I thank Manel for his determination and devotion, both of which have led us to be pioneers in the sports entertainment business with projects like in-house TV production, our OTT service and our digital platforms, all of which were innovations and have helped us bring our sport closer to the fans. I’m sure that Manel will continue to provide very valuable insights in his new role. Thank you, my friend."

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