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MotoGP vs Formula 1 vs SBK: Clash of the Calendars in 2023

The production-derived series will be the first to start on February 26, MotoGP and F1 the last to finish on November 26: 41 weekends and 108 races in total with a high number of clashes

MotoGP: MotoGP vs Formula 1 vs SBK: Clash of the Calendars in 2023


Hopefully, you were able to relax and recharge your batteries during the winter holiday break... You’ll need it because the 2023 season that awaits motorsport enthusiasts will be a real tour de force. Only taking into consideration the MotoGP, Formula 1 and SBK championships, the amount of free time will be little and the number of appointments many.

MotoGP has formalized a calendar with 21 Grands Prix, which means that, with the introduction of the Sprint Race in all appointments, there will be 42 races to follow. Then there is F1: 24 GPs and 6 Sprint Races for a total of 30 races, finally SBK with 12 rounds, each with 3 races. Calculator in hand, the calculation is simple: 108 races in total, between standard and sprint.

But that's not all, because from the start of the first championship (SBK on the weekend of February 26 in Australia) and the end of the last one (November 26, in Valencia for MotoGP and in Abu Dhabi for F1) there will be 41 weekends of which only 4 without at least one race (but it might be only 3 if the SBK round at Imola on 16 July is confirmed).

It is obvious that, in cases like these, clashes are inevitable, and the various organizers must do back-flips to reduce them to a minimum, even by taking advantage of the different time zones. In fact, MotoGP will take its holidays in July, while Formula 1 will do so in August, while SBK can be managed better with fewer events, even if it will almost never race on its own.

The fact remains that the weekends in which there will be no events will be very few. Only on one occasion, however, will we have a ‘red flag’ Sunday: 24 September in which all the championships will be on track even if in different time zones (MotoGP in India, F1 in Japan and SBK at Aragon).

Counting the various clashes, MotoGP will overlap with F1 10 times, with SBK instead 5. Furthermore, the production derivatives will race together with the premier four-wheel motorsport series for 5 weekends.

As mentioned, the organizers of the various championships try to make the most of the time zones so as not to overlap. In fact, on 2 April the bikes will be in Argentina (evening time in Europe) and the cars in Australia (early morning in the Old Continent) and for most of the clashing events it will be the same. Only on one occasion will there be an almost direct clash: on September 3, when MotoGP will race at Barcelona and F1 at Monza. On the other hand, the decision to finish both championships on the same day is questionable, even though the two wheels will be in Spain and the four in Abu Dhabi.

While Dorna is careful to avoid clashes with Formula 1, it also tries to avoid competition between its two championships. As mentioned, MotoGP and SBK will be up against each other 5 times, but only on 2 occasions with the same time zone (June 4 with Jerez and Misano and September 10 with Misano and Magny-Cours).

Below you can find the calendars of the three championships, bearing in mind that for SBK this is a provisional schedule and there is still one round left to be confirmed (as mentioned, it should be Imola in mid-July, therefore on the weekend of the 16th which is free from other events). Also, for Formula 1, the date of the Chinese GP could undergo changes.


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