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SBK, VIDEO - Merry Christmas from Axel Bassani: “We’re taking a break now, then we’ll go full throttle!”

If you’re in Milan on a cold day in December, you might bump into good old Axel. He’s now preparing for  2023, a fundamental step in his career.

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That’s exactly what happened to our rampant SBK reporter, Riccardo Guglielmetti, who thought he’d be able to warm up with a slice of panettone but, instead, he bumped into SBK rider Axel Bassani, who ended up keeping him company.

In this video, Axel wishes everyone a happy holiday, but our Riccardo didn’t miss out on the chance to interview him and talk at length about 2022, and especially about 2023, which will be fundamental for Bassani. After showing off in 2021 and confirming himself in 2022, Axel will have to take that last leap and conquer a factory bike for the future.

The full interview will be online soon. In the meantime, we also send our best wishes Axel!

Translated by Leila Myftija

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