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MotoGP, Lorenzo convinced of the need to eliminate aerodynamics and evaluate speeds of 400 km/h  

Less aerodynamics, more speed: these are the thoughts of the five-time world champion, who discusses the impact of technological development on the show with Pedrosa, Martinez and Crivillé 

MotoGP: Lorenzo convinced of the need to eliminate aerodynamics and evaluate speeds of 400 km/h  

It's no secret that advances in technology have made motorcycles easier to ride than they used to be. Precisely this "ease" of riding, and its consequences on the show, were one of the topics discussed by Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa, Jorge "Aspar" Martinez and Alex Crivillé in the third episode of "Cuatro Tiempos", broadcast by DAZN . 

“These bikes are easier to ride than in the past. A Moto2 rider moves to MotoGP and sets good times in just a few laps" affirmed Crivillé, who was backed up in his thoughts by Jorge Martinez: "For me, the rider has lost importance. I think before the rider made more of a difference, now with so much electronics, the tyres, the wings and everything else, there are four riders in four tenths of a second. Which is wonderful for the show, but I don't think there are ten identical riders in half a second, with different bikes." 

One of the most controversial and hotly debated aspects is aerodynamics, the development of which has also had a significant impact on overtaking, which has become increasingly difficult to do: "One of the problems I see with overtaking, which is perhaps difficult to notice from the outside, is that these bikes go faster and faster, they are heavier and therefore more difficult to move because at high speeds, with all the aerodynamic load there is, it is really difficult to move the bike and, as a result, the space on the track is reduced - explained Pedrosa - There are wider tracks, like the one in Malaysia, where you see more overtaking because you really have the space to insert the bike. But there are other narrow tracks with only one line, where, with that speed and with those kilos, you can only drive on that trajectory. If you have to go alongside another rider, at the speed you're going at, you can't turn and you know that he'll overtake you again on corner exit. This makes overtaking very difficult because it closes off a lot of room for maneuver." 

The fact that there are many riders enclosed in a few tenths is not entirely negative for Jorge Lorenzo, who however says he is very critical of the aerodynamics of the current MotoGP bikes: "I see positively the fact that there is more fighting, more overtaking and more riders, but I think there would be even more without aerodynamics. It would be an even more spectacular sport without aerodynamics said the Majorcan – who reckons it is necessary to completely the eliminate aerodynamics and, in terms of safety, as we have bikes that go at 365 km/h, we should seriously consider the issue of speed and the possibility of leaving them free to reach 400 km/h". 


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