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MotoGP, Pernat: "Argentina 2016: the only time I've seen Dall'Igna shout"

The Italian manager recalls the incident at the final corner and Andrea Iannone's exit from Ducati: "I've known Gigi since 1992 and I've never seen him so angry. Despite that mess, they had still decided to choose Iannone, but he refused. It was Andrea's mistake..."

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The guest of yesterday's episode of our Bar Sport, Carlo Pernat told us about his period with Ducati, revealing anecdotes and background stories related to these 36 years spent gravitating in the orbit of Borgo Panigale. A relationship that began in 1986, with the acquisition of the company by the Castiglioni brothers, and which has continued to the present day, with Enea Bastianini joining the factory team. Manager of riders such as the aforementioned rider from Rimini, Loris Capirossi and Andrea Iannone, the Ligurian manager retraced several key moments in their history together in red, such as the decision of the rider from Abruzzo to refuse a contract renewal for 2017, paving the way for the rise of Andrea Dovizioso.

"Despite the big mess that broke out in Argentina at the last corner with Iannone against Dovizioso, Ducati had decided to choose Iannone - Pernat admitted - They called us up on a Monday morning. The first phone call was from Claudio Domenicali and Gigi to Iannone and he was the first to go to Borgo Panigale. They offered him an amount that was not adequate for him and he refused that sum and left. Five minutes later, Ducati called Dovizioso, who accepted the amount, because he realised that there was a new direction and that the bike was becoming very competitive. That was really Andrea's mistake. I had advised him to accept, that he could have obtained a bit more. Domenicali also called me first to tell me: 'this is the offer, but you should know that I'll put in something more'. Not out of his pocket, with another budget. So, think about how perhaps he too would have changed the history of Ducati. I don't know if he would have won against Marquez, probably not, however, it must also be said that Marquez had always said that Iannone was the only rider he feared. In close combat, in Moto2, he beat him several times ”.

You who know Dall'Igna well, have you ever seen him so angry like that time in Argentina?

“No, so much so that Battistella and I were in the garage, one on one side and one on the other. He entered in a fury and for the first time I heard him shout - Gigi never shouts, I don't think I've ever heard him shout again - I think, turning to Battistella and myself, so that everyone can hear: 'We are not even going to talk about the contract, for three months.’ He shouted, red in the face. And he left. I have never seen him so angry in my life. I've known Gigi since '92, when he was hired by Aprilia, he has never shouted in his life. I was at the pit wall and I didn't see them coming, but then we saw (the accident) on the monitor and I had this sinking feeling”.


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