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MotoGP, VIDEO - Rossi: “To be able to keep racing, I had to learn how to lose”

“I became a rider thanks to my dad. He put me on whatever had a rider. The Academy was created thanks to Marco Simoncelli. We could improve each other.”

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We had already published the first part of Valento Rossi’s interview on the Geopop YouTube channel, which is specialized in scientific dissemination. On that occasion, the Doctor had explained what happens when you fall off a bike. Now we can see the full video where the champion of Tavullia talks about lots of topics.

Starting from when he became a rider: “I have to thank my father for my passion for motorcycles. He’d played with me, putting me on things with an engine. I don’t know if I would have become a rider if I had been born in another family. Beating the fastests riders in the world is a unique feeling, and it’s tied to the gusto of riding,” he explained.

Valentino Rossi fell in love with speed at an early age and never abandoned it.

“The MotoGP is wild, and breaking is the most extreme phase. At that moment, you can’t breathe. When you manage to push such a bike to the limit, it’s bliss. There’s nothing greater,” he said.

Logically, he hasn't only experienced great moments in his career. In fact, the last few years have been particularly difficult from a results perspective. He had to learn how to lose.

It’s something that comes with the years. It’s hard to lose with a smile, especially when you’re used to winning a lot,” the Doctor confessed. “Passion comes into play. If you want to continue racing, you also have to lose, and probably more times than you win. If you have the passion, you do it.

In the video above, he also recalled the start of the Riders Academy.

Marco Simoncelli was the first rider of the Academy, even if he never was. He was struggling and had asked me to help him, and I wanted to have someone to train and improve with together. Everything started from there.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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