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MotoGP, Motocross strikes again: left hand fracture for Quartararo

Fabio crashed yesterday while training off-road and was injured, but he reassured everyone: "No surgery needed, time to recover"

MotoGP: Motocross strikes again: left hand fracture for Quartararo

Motorsport is dangerous and an injury is always a possibility, even in a simple training session. Fabio Quartararo found it out the hard way, suffering a fracture in his left hand while doing motocross.

It was the French rider himself who wrote it on his social media profiles: “Yesterday I had a crash during my motocross training and I suffer a little fracture on my left hand. No surgery needed, time to recover".

A few days ago it was Andrea Dovizioso who got hurt off-road, but if you dig into the past there is virtually no rider who hasn't had some sort of accident in training. After all, with a three-month layoff, the MotoGP riders cannot afford to stay away from a handlebar and have to take some risks.

This time it went badly for Fabio, but the relatively light injury and the long time before the tests in Malaysia (scheduled from 10 to 12 February in Sepang) will allow him to show up in top form for the appointment with his Yamaha M1.


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