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MotoGP, Valentino Rossi passes the baton to Pecco Bagnaia in the FIM Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award for the nine-time world champion. Pecco: "Being awarded the MotoGP title makes me proud. I am happy to see Valentino extremely happy, this title was also thanks to him, and not a little"

MotoGP: Valentino Rossi passes the baton to Pecco Bagnaia in the FIM Awards

The striking Palacongressi Rimini – IEG Expo successfully delivered the 2022 FIM awards, with this being the first time that the venue had hosted this prestigious end of season ceremony. With a deep passion for motorcycling rooted in the region, the evening certainly lived up to expectations and matched previous editions hosted elsewhere, as the 2022 FIM World Champions were warmly applauded and honoured as each took to the splendid stage in front of the largest annual gathering of the FIM family headed by the newly re-elected FIM President Jorge Viegas.

With more than 800 hundred people congregated inside the impressive Italian venue, the audience was treated to a full evening of entertainment, with representatives from the one hundred and fifteen national federations, motorcycling legends, various members of the FIM, championship promoters, manufacturer and team representatives, sponsors and other invited international guests showing their appreciation throughout the proceedings.  

Guests within the room and watching via the live stream were expertly guided through the night’s packed programme by the distinguished presenting quartet of James Toseland and Barbara Pedrotti for the second year running who were this time joined by Amy Reynolds and Matt Roberts. During the ceremony FIM World Champions representing all the six disciplines – Circuit Racing; Track Racing; Motocross; Enduro; Cross Country Rallies and Trial were invited to the stage to collect their respective hard earned and highly deserved gold medals.

The prize ceremony started with the 2022 FIM Trophies being awarded as follows: FIM Women in Motorcycling Trophy - Women's European Cup (Italy); FIM Environmental Trophy - Escuderia Castelo Branco - First training for enduro kids (Portugal); FIM Trophy for the Future - Yamaha bLU cRU Project and FIM Road Safety Trophy - Edustrada – PNES Project (Italy).

FIM Circuit Racing Director Franck Vayssié was then invited to the stage to present the medals for the Circuit Racing category which included FIM Sidecar Rider World Champion - Todd Ellis; FIM Sidecar Passenger World Champion - Emmanuelle Clément; FIM Supersport World Champion - Dominique Aegerter; FIM Moto3 Grand Prix World Champion - Izan Guevara and FIM Moto2 Grand Prix World Champion - Augusto Fernandez.

This was followed by FIM Motocross Commission Director Antonio Alia stepping forward to distribute the Motocross medals to a line-up that included FIM 85cc Junior Motocross World Champion - Gyan Doensen; FIM S1GP SuperMoto World Champion - Marc-Reiner Schmidt; FIM Women's Motocross World Champion - Nancy van de Ven and FIM WSX World Supercross Champion - Ken Roczen.

A warm welcome was given to FIM Deputy President Ignacio Verneda who was responsible for handing out the medals for the Trial category that included FIM Trial3 World Champion - Harry Hemingway; FIM Trial2 World Champion – Sondre Haga; FIM Women's Trial World Champion – Emma Bristow and FIM X-Trial World Champion – Toni Bou.

Enduro legend Petteri Silvan presented the medals in the Enduro category that included FIM Youth Enduro World Champion – Harry Edmondson; FIM SuperEnduro World Champion – Billy Bolt; FIM Women's Enduro World Champion – Jane Daniels; FIM E2 Enduro World Champion - Wil Ruprecht and FIM E1 Enduro World Champion - Andrea Verona.

The Track Racing category prizes were presented by Track Racing legend Jason Trump who was joined on stage by a list of winners that included FIM Speedway Youth World Champion - SGP3 - Mikkel Andersen; FIM Long Track World Champion - Mathieu Trésarrieu and FIM Ice Speedway World Champion - Martin Haarahiltunen.

FIM Trial Director Thierry Michaud played his part by handing out the awards in the Team category that included FIM Women's Trial des Nations and FIM Trial des Nations – Spain; FIM International Six Days' Enduro Women's World Trophy and the FIM International Six Days' Enduro World Trophy – Great Britain; FIM Speedway of Nations – SoN – Australia and FIM Motocross of Nations – USA.

Ahead of himself presenting the medals to the 2022 Ultimate Champions, FIM President Jorge Viegas first invited Motorcycling legend Valentino Rossi to the stage to collect his FIM Special Prize. The final category of the night included FIM World Rally-Raid World Champion – Sam Sunderland; FIM TrialGP World Champion – Toni Bou; EnduroGP World Champion - Andrea Verona; FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Champion - Bartosz Zmarzlik; MXGP Motocross World Champion - Tim Gajser; FIM Superbike World Champion - Alvaro Bautista and FIM MotoGP Grand Prix World Champion - Francesco Bagnaia.

Bagnaia spoke about his 'mentor' Valentino, who received a lifetime achievement award at Rimini: "I am happy to see Valentino extremely happy, this title was also thanks to him, and not a little. I am lucky to be able to share my life with Valentino often, I know I am lucky because I can ask him things that not everyone can ask him. He's a fantastic person, nobody will ever be like him.

After bringing the ceremony to a close the FIM President Jorge Viegas ended by saying: “Once again the FIM Awards has been a truly amazing moment for the entire motorcycling community, the FIM family and all our 2022 FIM World Champions. Rimini has proved itself to be a great host and has delivered a highly successful edition of this important event when it comes to promoting our magnificent sport to the wider World. Congratulations to our new and returning champions and everyone who has made tonight happen.”

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