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MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco, Pernat: “It seemed like an already assigned title, then Ducati exploded”

VIDEO – “In the first part of the season, it looked as if Quartararo could have been easily confirmed. But then Ducati’s strength emerged. Aprilia developed nicely. Honda will work for Marquez for 2023.”

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The 2022 season came to an end with Pecco Bagnaia’s triumph in Valencia, and our Carletto Pernat was called to take stock of the season with a glass of Prosecco DOC. From Quartararo’s great challenge, to the rebirth of Aprilia, to a a future with Marquez as the protagonist and Miller as a possible outsider with the KTM. This is the last “Fast By Prosecco” for 2022.

In my opinion, the 2022 world championship was a two-sided world championship. A first part led by Fabio Quartararo and Yamaha. A first part in which Ducati suffered a lot, at least with the official bikes, especially in the first four GPs, because the 2022 updates didn’t work out, especially the front lowering device that created problems. In fact, Bagnaia didn’t score many points in the first GPs.”

So, halfway through the championship, everything seemed to have been decided, with Fabio ahead of Pecco by ninety points. But there was then a second part of the championship where Ducati exploded, in the good sense of the word. A motorcycle that’s now ridden everywhere. It was Bagnaia’s apotheosis, with a Ducati that was fast, and also the pressure on Quartararo, who then created it himself.

When you have an advantage of ninety points ... everything started with that accident in Assen. Something went haywire, followed by a sequence of zeros or bad results. It was a really nice championship, with a dualism that was then also surrounded by an Aprilia that made a great leap of quality this year. The bike is competitive, maybe not yet at the level of Ducati. What a pity, the end of the season. Both the constructor and riders made mistakes. But maybe it would’ve been better if Aprilia finished the world championship with four races done well and not how it went. Everyone thought they could win the world championship until a few races from the end, but then a dark period arrived. The opposite would have been better ...”.

Yamaha will present their new engine, which convinced Quartararo to stay after the tests. He was happy, so let’s see this bike, also made by Marmorini, a former Ferrari guy. I’m very curious about KTM. They made a good team. Miller is an excellent rider, who could get back on track with the Austrian bike. Binder’s a tough cookies. They have to take a small qualitative leap, especially in qualifying. We’re also waiting for the Honda, but Honda is developing it on Marc Marquez, which is good because he’s definitely phenomenal. But, in doing so, you risk that the other riders who arrive, which are Mir and Rins, will have some problem. A doubt we’ll figure out.

This is a bit of what we’ve seen this season and what we’ll see next. A toast to everyone!.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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