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GP Commission: for Moto2 and Moto3, FP3 still counts to enter Q2

Unlike MotoGP, for which only FP1 and FP2 times will count. Interrupted races: if you fail to complete at least 3 laps, the race will be cancelled

Moto2: GP Commission: for Moto2 and Moto3, FP3 still counts to enter Q2


The Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs. Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, Chairman), Paul Duparc (FIM), Herve Poncharal (IRTA) and Biense Bierma (MSMA), in the presence of Jorge Viegas (FIM), Carlos Ezpeleta (Dorna), Mike Trimby (IRTA, Secretary of the meeting) and Corrado Cecchinelli (Director of Technology), in a meeting held in Valencia on 4 November 2022, made the following decisions:

Sporting Regulations

Effective Season 2023 (Starting 07 November 2022)

Interrupted and Restarted Races

The Commission approved a change to the awarding of Championship points and changed the wording to make a third race less probable (especially in Moto2 and Moto3), however the regulations concerning the conditions for restarting an interrupted race remain unchanged. In summary:

• If none of the races have completed at least 3 laps, and it’s not possible to restart, the race is considered null and void and no points will be awarded.

• If the sum of the laps completed in all races (only counting races which have had more than 3 laps) are:

- less than 50% of original race distance → half points will be awarded.

- more than 50% of original race distance → full points will be awarded.

New Sporting Format from 2023

After further consultation with the Moto3 and Moto2 teams the Commission confirmed an amendment to the sporting format being introduced in 2023. For these classes only, all three free practice sessions on Friday and Saturday will continue to be timed for the purposes of progressing to QP1 and QP2.

Qualification for the Race

The Commission approved the removal of the right of Race Direction to, at their discretion, waive the requirement for a rider to have achieved, in any session, a lap time of less than 105% of the fastest rider in that session. However, Race Direction will retain the right of this waiver for the MotoE World Championship where there are less practice sessions.

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