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MotoGP, Bagnaia one step away from the title: winning combinations in Valencia

The Ducati rider is 23 points ahead of Quartararo. To reverse the situation, Fabio is forced to win and hope that Pecco doesn’t reach the finish line with a better place than 15th.

MotoGP: Bagnaia one step away from the title: winning combinations in Valencia

Pecco Bagnaia needs just one more stroke to complete his masterpiece, and he’ll have to do it in Valencia, during the last race of the year. The Ducati rider from Piedmont is one step away from the Riders World Championship title. He can see it, but he hasn’t reached it. Thanks to his 3rd place in Malaysia, Fabio Quartararo kept the game open, even if his hopes have been reduced to a glimmer.

Bagnaia has a 23-point advantage in the rankings over the French rider and,, with 25 still to be awarded, it’s easy to see how the winning combinations are almost all in his favor. To reverse the situation, Quartararo has no other possibility than to win and hope that Pecco reaches the finish line in 15th place or is out of the points zone.  However, even if they reach the same points in the end,  Bagnaia would still end up winning the title, thanks to the greatest number of victories (7 against Fabio's 3, at the moment).

Pecco Bagnaia will win the title in Valencia if:

- regardless of his position, Quartataro doesn’t win the race;

- he’s at least 14th, and Quartararo wins the race.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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