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MotoGP, Marquez on the controversy of 2015: "I would behave in the same way with Rossi"

"I think he would have handled the situation differently from how he handled it, because he was the one who lost his cool. A rapprochement with Rossi? No, and I don't want it either."

MotoGP: Marquez on the controversy of 2015: "I would behave in the same way with Rossi"


Here at Sepang, it took AS to return to that controversial 2015 that changed the course of motorcycle racing history, with the first case of planetary stalking against a rider. The fact is well known: Rossi accused Marquez of having slowed him down in the Australian GP thus favouring Lorenzo. In the race, however, Marc won right in front of Jorge. From there came about the clash in the race between the two, with continuous overtaking and counter-overtaking, up to the contact and the crash of the Spaniard.

“Yes (I remember) he came with the timesheets to the press conference. I remember it perfectly. I didn't understand anything, because it was as if they said that last Sunday I was playing and in the end I overtook Bagnaia and I didn't want to overtake Rins because I didn't. It wouldn't make sense to say this. It does not make sense".

Many years have gone by, but the mediatic wound for both is far from being healed, so much so that when asked if, faced with the same situation, he would behave in the same way, Marquez has no doubts.

“At 22 years old and the way it all happened, yes, I would behave the same way again. I repeat, at 22 and how it all happened, I wouldn't behave any differently, because the only thing I did was to fight for a race, more than normal in the first laps, but Rossi did it too. Neither of us was faster than the other, but we fought for a few laps until one of us lost his cool. I think he would have handled the situation differently, because he was the one who lost his cool. "

Couldn't you get away from Rossi as you wanted?

"I don’t think so. If you look at the pace of the practice sessions, I didn't have anything more. Lorenzo and Pedrosa had more than anyone, but the others didn't. I didn't have more in that race. I didn't have more in that race, but I repeat, for what the weekend created, for what I felt before going out on the grid and for everything else, I would have behaved the same and fought the race the same way".

Be that as it may, Marc Marquez has since been 'excommunicated' by a legion of Rossi's fans. And the controversy has been raging on for years. One wonders if it has improved or worsened motorcycle racing.

“We will never know if it has changed for the worse or if it has attracted more people. In the end, morbid curiosity creates fans, on one side or the other. When there is controversy in sport, it makes more news and people get interested and wonder what's going on. I'm not saying it changed, because I don't know if it happened before, but these podium boos and cheers for crashes happened and there was a person who could have stopped them, but he didn't want to and that's respectable. I have decided to go on my way and he has decided his way ".

Since then to the day of Rossi's retirement there has been no rapprochement. But even on this Marquez was blunt.

“No, and I don't want it either. Years go by and I love him less and less and I don't care ”.


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