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MotoGP, Social media can be a problem: Fabio Quartararo takes a break

The Frenchman has hidden his profile image on IG, leaving his more than two million followers on the social media network high and dry. Perhaps Fabio has decided to switch off from them too

MotoGP: Social media can be a problem: Fabio Quartararo takes a break

The life of every sportsman has changed profoundly since social networks started to exist. Before, the opportunities to get in touch with the fans were much fewer, the pressure of the media as well and above all after a race, everyone went home and could dedicate themselves to training and regain concentration for the next race, at least in the case of the riders. Today things are rather different, the commitments of top-level sportsmen in every discipline have increased a lot and we often forget that in addition to being phenomena that face the track at over 300 km / h, these riders can be young guys. Boys even.

Fabio Quartararo has never hidden his passion for social media and the 2021 world champion has put together a massive number of followers since he made his debut in the top class, sharing everything with the fans who have chosen to follow him. And it is precisely for this reason that his decision to modify his Instagram profile by deleting the profile photo and leaving only one wording in Bio jumps to the eye: Having a break.

The Frenchman is preparing to face the last three decisive races of the season and perhaps finding full concentration also involves giving up distractions such as social media. Not to mention a voluntary break from the avalanche of haters that each of these riders has, in addition to pure fans. Social media can be a real cancer made up of ‘little men’, armchair warriors and trolls who do not realize that often they are interfacing with what we previously called young guys, boys even. Simple guys who can be hurt like anyone else even by gratuitous unsults from one or more unknowns.

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