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Moto3, Fired Mechanic who beat up Booth-Amos in Thailand in 2019 was fired

FIM, Dorna, and IRTA issued a statement on the incident: “Violent behavior should not be and will not be tolerated. We support the team’s decision.”

Moto3: Fired Mechanic who beat up Booth-Amos in Thailand in 2019 was fired


The video recently posted on social media networks of a mechanic from the CIP team who, during the 2019 Thailand GP, verbally and physically attacked Moto3 rider Booth-Amos was a big affair. This person no longer works for the French team but was still working for another in the cadet class. However, he was also fired from that team with immediate effect.

The following is the statement issued by FIM, Dorna, and IRTA regarding the incident.

"Declaration of the Championship following the recently published images relating to an episode that occurred during the 2019 Thailand GP, which saw a dispute between a Moto3 rider and a member of his team, who physically attacked him:

The video of this incident was widely shared on social media, and the actions of the team member in question raised immediate and serious concerns. FIM, IRTA, and Dorna Sports strongly condemn this behavior.

Furthermore, it was learned that the person in question continues to work in the paddock and is now employed by another team, who was not aware of this incident.

The team has decided to end the relationship with this staff member, who will not return to work for them after the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The FIM, along with IRTA and Dorna Sports, considers this to be the correct decision and fully supports the action taken by the team in terminating this person’s contract.

Abusive behavior must not and will not be tolerated. All parties will continue to work to make the MotoGP paddock the safest working environment possible."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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